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Logo Design

it all begins with a logo... a well designed logo is a strong foundation for any brand, it helps set the tone for the look & feel of your entire business

Pebble has over 26 years in graphic design experience and love great branding. we love it that much we keep our finger directly on the pulse when it comes to the latest logo styles & trends - especially when creating fresh modern logos for our clients - it gives us a rush.

Whether you are looking at refreshing an existing logo or creating a brand new one from scratch, we can make it happen. We take great pride in our logo design process to make the journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible - while you sit back and watch your logo evolve.

view the dolphin logo PDF

logo design process:

  • Client Questionnaire - It begins with our handy client logo questionnaire, which helps us get a better understanding of what you are after - examples of fonts, symbols & logos you really like - help us big time - Pinterest is great for this. To go one step further and add depth to your brand - symbolic, cultural or historic elements which link back to your region, business or product - are gems in creating not only a professional looking logo but one with substance.
  • Sketches - Once we have an idea of what you want - the pencils are sharpened and the sketches take shape. We will send through the initial sketches with a selection of potential logotype fonts for you to choose from. Pretty easy really, simply match up a shape with your favourite font.
  • Client feedback - round one
  • Vector Concepts - Once you have selected your favourite shape and font - we then fire up the computers and develop some initial vector concepts - generally three of the best, in black & white (mono).
  • Client feedback - round two
  • Refinements - we then refine the elements you like and remove the elements you don’t like - we also splash a bit of colour around and provide a few colour variations for you to choose from.
  • Client Feedback - last round
  • Finalisation - we then finalise the logo for your final tick of approval.
  • Optimised Logo Package - the finalised approved logo is then packaged up, including a selection of optimised file types (JPG, PNG, SVG, EPS, PDF), colour codes and the fonts used. Therefore what ever output you wish to use your logo for, the correct file type is only a click away and for peace of mind we will always have a copy on our servers, just in case.

Logo Rationale:

We can also provide a visual journey - explaining where we sourced the original ideas for your new logo, the reasons why we chose certain elements and fonts and shed some light on the steps we took from sketch to final concept. A logo is not only a pretty symbol - it is a brand mark with substance - a solid foundation to build upon.

view one of our favourite Logo Journey PDF’s

style guides:

If you wish to keep control of your brand - a style guide is a perfect resource to have. These handy documents help set in stone your brand specifications, no matter who gets their hands on it, that way all of your collateral will remain consistent and most importantly - on brand! There are two options we offer:

  • Streamline Logo Style Guide - includes basic logo usage guidelines, colour codes, fonts, glossary of terms.
  • Complete In-Depth Brand Guide - includes all aspects of the streamline version with way more detail - including branded collateral. Generally this option is customisable - as some brands require different bits and bobs. The most common items include: - complete logo usage guidelines (all layouts), corporate stationery: letterhead, business card, email signature, with comps slip, etc. Marketing: brochure, DL & A4 flyers, web banners, etc. Signage: pull up banner, posters, etc. We can go as deep into the rabbit hole as you like - depending on the amount of branded collateral you wish to include. This is generally an evolving document, which gets added to as the brand grows.

Vector Format:

All of our logos are created in vector format, which is fully scalable and will display in the highest quality no matter what size or application. EPS vector formats are ideal for print as they remain super sharp and will print perfectly. SVG vector formats are ideal for responsive web design, allowing logos, icons, etc - to appear super crisp on all screen sizes and devices - making sure your brand is being displayed perfectly. JPG & PNG raster formats will often appear blurry and pixelated, therefore we strongly recommend vector as the desired format for all of our logos. Has your logo been optimised in vector format? Contact us - to learn more.

some of our favourite logo designs:

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Print Collateral

Once you have an exciting new logo, the next best step is to showcase it across all of your print collateral - keeping in mind consistency and purpose. Printed items help maximise your reach in the greater market place. With 26 years experience within the print idustry, Pebble can help with all of your printing needs - no matter the size or application.

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glossary of terms

Having trouble with any of the graphic related terms we have used above.

download our handy Glossary of Terms PDF


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