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Video Storytelling

Let video showcase your hotel and immerse people in your experience

internet speeds are getting faster, screen sizes keep getting larger and online video is looking better than ever

Beach Club - Pool (Loop)
Beach Club - Beach (Loop)
Oceans - Building (Loop)

If you want to impress people with your property video is the way to do it.

Videos are literally flooding the content space. A recent report from Google predicts that 74% of all web traffic in 2017 will come from video. If your site doesn’t have any video elements you are essentially getting left behind.

We create beautiful full-screen videos that auto play once the page loads and help captivate the attention of users entering your website. We can also add small looping sections in and around your site to stimulate the user’s senses and help them navigate to the important pages of your site.

    Seven reasons why video works online:

  • 1) People retain more with a visual and auditory combination
  • 2) Video is now more searchable
  • 3) Video has more potential - versus other media, to be shared and go viral
  • 4) People take notice
  • 5) People prefer video over text
  • 6) Video increases the likelihood of purchasing
  • 7) Video provides purchasing confidence

videography on location

Not only do we understand online video, but we also capture and create it.

We go above and beyond just quick walkthroughs of your rooms, capturing everything from details to wide angles in and around your hotel.

When we receive video from other videographers we then have to edit video to make sure it displays correctly on your website and optimize it for the web, but if we handle your whole video process we can do it right from the beginning.

Get your web video done by someone who understands web!

Let people see your property from a whole new perspective

Take your visitor’s experience to new heights, with breath taking drone video footage & photography. Perfect for showcasing your entire property, facilities and surrounding location. Immerse your audience, entice their senses and grab their full attention - from an amazing aerial perspective, previously unattainable via conventional photography.


here are some examples of video that we have put on our clients websites:

Drone Gold Coast Main Beach
Drone Oscar on Main

The investment into an updated website will help grow our business as a invaluable selling tool for staff and guests wanting to know more about our property over all devices.

Sea Haven
Drone Gold Coast Marina
Beach Club
Handcrafted by our creative team on the sunshine coast

Having had worked now with Pebble Design over the past few years, I can confidently say that this company knows how to build professional & up to date websites. They are an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Apollo International
Hills Lodge
Hills Lodge - Rooms
Hills Lodge - Weddings
Oceans - Pool (Loop)
Oceans - Things to do

Pebble delivers an all round solution that I feel is a leader in the market place in particular the hospitality industry. Pebble understands the business and monitors statistics and benchmarks for our industry. It's great to know how we perform in all the different website areas and how we can grow that web traffic. I highly recommend their company and team.

The Hills Lodge Hotel & Spa
Seahaven Beach
The Pad Hallway
The Pad Overview

We were looking to build a new website and were given the details for Pebble Design. From the very start Brendan and the team made us feel confident in their ability to provide us with what we wanted from the website. The took the time to find out our needs and requirements, which ensured that the end product met and exceeded our expectations. We always felt that we were part of the process and involved in all the build stages. We would have no hesitation in using their services in future or recommending them.

Seamark Resort
The Point
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