Digital Online Hotel Compendiums

It is time to throw away those old plastic folders, coffee-stained tourist attraction inserts and provide for your guests a simple, easy-to-use online compendium.

Our hotel compendiums are easy for you to use and update to share your local knowledge and ensure your guests get the most out of their experience with you.

There is huge value in ensuring that your guests have an amazing stay while in your care. Some hotels have had compendiums on tablets in the rooms, on their TV’s and as printed brochures in rooms etc. Guests today want to use a familiar device that only they touch, mainly their phone hence we designed an extension of the website to function as a resource for the guests while in house.

The guest digital compendium experience

Our hotel compendiums have been designed with the guest in mind. It has been fine-tuned for ease of use and has been designed mobile first making it super easy to use across all devices.

There is no hardware required, no apps to download – your guests simply use their phone, tablet or laptop, in their room, by the pool or even out and about while exploring.

Most of our clients share access to this information pre-arrival in the form of an email, a text and some even have tent cards with QR codes in-room. Another option is when people use the hotel wifi it can auto-redirect to the compendium rather than the home page of the website.

How can an online compendium benefit you?

Having your hotel compendium digitally online, makes it simple to update all of your content and images along with your current website. Editing and updating your compendium within the Pebble CMS is easy and hassle free, and once you make your change it will instantly update for all guests throughout the hotel or resort. This means you can update on the fly, without the hassle of reprinting and replacing, using old and outdated methods.

Digital compendium options

For our clients, this becomes a super easy resource of information to keep up to date just like they do their websites. We designed this as a mobile first simple add-on for our smaller properties and we also offer a fully customised and branded version to some of our larger clients.

At Pebble we can help you customise your compendium to suit your needs; the limit is your imagination. Contact us to find out more