Hotel Video and Drone

Video is the future of content marketing, WOW people on your website and get more direct bookings with gorgeous video and drone footage to skyrocket your audience engagement today.

Let people see your property from a whole new perspective. Video and drone footage is perfect for showcasing your property, facilities and surrounding location. Immerse your audience, tantalize their senses and grab their full attention. Forget the days of long text-heavy pages and unengaging content. Video has found a home in the marketing mix and it’s proving to be an extremely powerful marketing tool. Video content can massively increase the reach your content receives. A report from Google predicts that 3/4 of all web traffic will come from video this year. YouTube gains more than one billion unique visitors every month and Facebook’s and Instagram’s algorithm update means the platform favours video posts.

Not only do we understand the power of video and drones, but we also capture and create it. We capture and create beautiful full-screen videos and breathtaking drone video footage that auto-play once the page loads. We can also create video snippets for social media and animated gifs for your emails to stimulate the user’s senses and make you stand out from your competitors. The secret to engaging video is telling your story simply and optimising the delivery for desktop and then even smaller sizes for mobile, over 50% of the online market.

The hotel experience told through video

Where am I sleeping and relaxing and what are the facilities? By playing video when users land on the website, questions are answered without the user even having to click!

Local activities are part of the guest experience

Showcase possible adventures, relaxing moments, fun family experiences and so much more that guests can experience while staying with you.

Give people a taste of what's on the menu

Delicious food and drinks are a big part of our holiday experiences. Excite the taste buds and create mood-enhancing stories for guests to dream about... they are just one click away from booking!