Influencer Marketing for the Hotel Industry

We're here to make the introductions between hotels and influencers!

With Influencer marketing taking over the old ways of traditional marketing, we're here to make it an easy integration for hotels. We all already know that the best form of marketing is ‘word of mouth’ and better yet, it is free. It’s about connecting influencers with hotels who have free nights to exchange for word of mouth using influencers on social media.

We have a few solutions available for our hotel clients. Simply subscribe below and you will be on our list to have access to new influencers on a regular basis.

For a more detailed experience, we will guide you into the new ways of this sharing economy, walking you step by step through the strategy, introductions, expectations, ROI tracking, ongoing support, sponsored posts and training.

Welcoming the opportunities in today’s modern world is part of keeping things fresh and innovative for any business. Social well-being influencers are part of the solution for low-cost brand awareness ongoing.

We believe holidays are a very important part of our daily lives... to keep us balanced, happy, healthy and connected with friends and loved ones.

Long lasting memories are created on holidays and we want to share those stories so people connect with them and be inspired to create their own... natually at your property.

"Influencer Marketing is here to stay and it should play a central role in your strategy to win the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers."
- David Beebe, Marriott Vice President of Global Creative and Content Marketing

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