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16 Hacks for Improving Your Email Subject Lines

1. Lose title case

Title case is the equivalent of shouting at someone and who like to be shouted at?

2. Keep it short – five words or less

With more the 50% of emails now opened on mobile, there is even less space for the subject line to display. Try to pick short, punchy words and use a few of the ideas below…

3. Make subject and copy work together

Your subject line is the “implied promise” of your email, so make sure inside copy picks up from there and clearly keeps that promise.

4. Personalise your subject lines

I know we all know that this is automated and not completely personal, but apparently it is 26% more likely to be opened when personalised.

5. Convey a sense of urgency

FOMO – fear of missing out is your friend here, so make sure there is a limited timeframe – ‘one day only’ scenario.

6. Use announcements and invitations

The words “announcement” and “you’re invited” both have a powerful impact on open rates. We have personally seen our highest open rates on emails that went out with a subject line ‘inviting’ people to something exclusive.

7. Get attention with “thank you”

“Thank you” is one of the most striking two-word combinations you can use in any email subject line. It not only resonates deeply with others in a world where connections count, but also implies a meaningful, even reciprocal relationship between your brand and email readers.

8. Convey a sense of action

Ask and instruct people on what you want them to do. Verbs are action words: The things a person, place, or thing can do. They imply a call to action.

9. Use your “From” name to your advantage

Emails that come from a person’s name are more likely to be opened than those sent by the name of a company.

10. Focus on the pain point

Two schools of marketing thought, try them both. Either focus on the benefit to the guest or the PAIN point, what problem are you solving for them?

11. Open with a number

This is proven many times over how people love – 10 best ‘xyz’ near our hotel.

12. Emojis work 💌

Research shows that emojis raised open rates in B2C promotional emails by as much as 15%. 👩‍

13. Use alliteration or rhyming

Sip and Save this Summer – Penny Pincher – Pay before You Stay (you get the picture…)

14. Use made up or creative words (please don’t use ‘monthly newsletter’)

Uber deals – Bleisure Special – Date-night Rates

15. We love ‘freebies’

Skip the word “free”, as it underperforms when compared to its little brother “freebie” in many campaigns, and it can also trigger spam filters.

16. Known ‘spam’ offenders

Other spammy culprits include fake “Re:”, all caps, one-word subject lines, and aggressive punctuation (think multiple $, ?, or ! symbols.)

Have some fun with your next newsletter or special offer send out or better still, contact us to help brain storm some ideas and help you improve your open rates.

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