5 Social Trends Hoteliers Can Leverage

The trend across all industries is higher customer service levels, creating a need for hoteliers to be that much better at being a service industry.

Guests also seek simplicity in our rapidly evolving complex technological world that we are creating. Hoteliers need to reduce the pressure points.

5 Social Trends Hoteliers Can Leverage

Here are five social trends hoteliers can capitalise on.

(Excerpts from Global Trends Expert - Daniel Levine)

  • 1. Guests do it via mobile
  • 2. Guests want it green and healthy
  • 3. Guests demand next-generation service
  • 4. Guests expect transparency
  • 5. Guests love simplicity

1. Guests do it via mobile

The uprising of mobile is reducing the amount of time between booking and staying, he said. It’s also affecting everything from research to the experience guests are having in hotels to the information guests are sharing on social media.

“The lucky hotels that get listed on Google Maps are the ones who are sharing as much information as they can about their properties online,” Levine said. “They’re sharing all sorts of things that they’re doing at the hotels. They’re inviting guests to share online. These are the sorts of things that Google likes. The more information that you can share with the public, the more information Google will have to use online.”

Another way to capitalize on the mobile trend is by creating an Instagram moment on property, Levine said. You should have something in your property that’s inviting people to want to take photos there. Give them those Kodak moments; give them those Instagram moments.

2. Guests want it green and healthy

“If you just build a hotel that’s LEED-certified, guests aren’t going to be banging down your doors. But if you do something cool with that trend, let them know that what you’re doing is green,” Levine said.

A couple of creative examples of companies capitalising on this trend include:

  • - a restaurant that houses goats on its roof and serves fresh goat cheese;
  • - an ice cream shop that invites customers to churn their own ice cream via a stationary bicycle.

3. Guests demand next-generation service

“The service levels just keep rising,” Levine said. “For businesses, especially those in the service industry, it can really be quite a challenge because our customers are coming to expect incredibly high levels of service.” These other industries are essentially training the customer to expect this next-generation level of service, Levine said. Therefore, the hospitality industry needs to keep exceeding those expectations via customisation and personalisation.

4. Guests expect transparency

“The idea of transparency is that it’s no longer us telling our guests about us. Now it’s about our guests telling each other about our businesses. If you’re the best, say so. … If you’re not, don’t say you are because people’s B.S. meters are super high now. You need to be genuine with what you’ve got.” Levine said.

5. Guests love simplicity

Hoteliers should look at their property from the perspective of their guests and reduce pain points. One way hoteliers can discover the answer is to stay in their own rooms and experience a stay as a guest would.

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