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7 Highly Successful Habits

1. Treat Customer Opinion Like Currency

Customers are a huge driver in the creative process of doing business and help the success of your company. Be directly involved with customer suggestions and feedback and always keep this in sight. All business is still people to people and the better you understand what your guests need, the more attracted to your product they will be.

2. Be Confident in Your Expertise

Maintain a broad perspective of your industry, know the pressure points, find solutions for the problems and trust your instinct to help and create a better experience.

3. Become a Great Spokesperson

Steve Jobs was a maverick spokesperson. Steve valued visuals over verbal, and put on a show for each new product he was unveiling. His presentations looked so effortless that few would guess they were the result of countless hours of preparation and an entire team dedicated to making each inflection and movement perfect. Jobs is a great reminder that no one is born a great spokesperson – it’s a skill that must be cultivated, practiced, and rehearsed. We are also fortunate to leverage our websites as our first spokesperson. How well do they communicate and connect with your guests?

4. Remain Humble

Being humble should be at the core of every business. The health of your company and culture is dependent on the rapport built by an equal playing field. No matter the level of talent, a humble attitude should far overrule egotistical tendencies. Your team energy and spirit will shine through and make an impression on your guests.

5. Let Passion Drive Your Business

Let your work bring satisfaction beyond a paycheque, be truly inspired to make a difference and love what you do. Otherwise why are you doing it?

6. Embrace Obstacles

When you embrace challenges, and glean from them the valuable lessons and learnings, you are on the path to success as a result. I am constantly reminded by the play of life and how when one door closes or gets jammed another three open up, we just need to pay attention and look for the opportunities and take action in their direction.

7. Value and Reward Great Employees

Make employee satisfaction a top priority of your business. Employees come first and the rest follows from that. Success is built on productive and motivated team.

Happiness is the new productivity!

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