8 Tips for Web Content for Your Customer

Creating original, compelling content is a challenge for every hotel website and it can look like an overwhelming task. Yet since digital marketing content is how you present your hotel to the vast majority of the public, it’s important to understand that your website is a major driver in creating perceptions and influencing people’s decision to book with you-or not.

Currently 57% of all travel reservations are made on the internet, so being able to tell a story and guide your guest through the whole experience of your hotel has become key.

Here are 7 ways to do this more effectively and boost bookings…

8 Tips for Web Content for Your Customer

1. Know Your Ideal Customer

Knowing who your audience are is key to the success of any online seller, and tailoring content to suit your ideal guest is a must to increase the conversion rates for that audience.

2. One Page Per Topic

When planning the content of your site, you should designate one topic per page of content. This will let your potential guests engage more easily with your site and understand the message each page is telling them. Be personal, use images and keep it simple to read and understand.

3. Video Content

Over recent months, the power of video has become more and more apparent throughout search and social media. With the use of video, it is possible to create an emotive story and show the experience your guest would enjoy while staying in your hotel.
People spend 50% more time a month watching YouTube videos every year, which shows the huge growth and potential for using video on your site.

4. Layout Structure

Include: Headline, Intro, Key points, Action point
Identify key goals: 1. Making a booking, 2. Filling in an enquiry form, 3. Download a brochure, 4. Purchase a voucher., 5. Sign up for a newsletter

5. Use Your Unique Selling Points

When customers are comparing websites, your property needs to clearly point out what the unique benefits are for them and be easy to connect with. If they are required to ‘figure’ this out on their own by looking through multiple pages, you have already lost them.

6. Upselling Through The Website

Upselling gives you the perfect opportunity to create extra revenue streams like, upgrade room type, rooms with additional features/facilities, views, size, refurbished etc.

7. A Great Photo Story

Creating an emotive picture of the hotel and what you can offer will immediately engage a guest and create a connection between them and the property. Show the customer your story. What is the core of your hotel, and what makes your hotel work? Is it your staff, your food, your product?

8. Testimonials & Raving Fans

Think of your customers as your brand ambassadors, and harness the power of testimonials for both long term SEO and brand loyalty. What they say about you will go a long way, whether it’s via social media, word of mouth or on your website.

It is equally important to actively encourage people to leave you comments via reviews, and for you to have a funnel or system to get these, whether they’re positive or negative.

Here are some Action Points for you to take away and give your content a boost:

  • Review current content
  • Identify room for improvement
  • Use Your unique selling points
  • Show the personality of your hotel
  • Listen to your customers

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