8 Secrets to Getting People to Read Your Website

You want all of your customers to know your property intimately. To love it. To book it over and over again.
The harsh reality – your customers AREN’T consuming every inch of your hotel website. And, truthfully, they never will. Same goes for your blog posts and marketing emails.
People ‘scan’ and only read 20% of content.

Here are 8 tips to engage with them better:

8 Secrets to Getting People to Read Your Website

Reading is Out, Scanning is in:

  • Don’t dismay. This doesn’t mean your hotel website and online marketing copy is useless. You just have to write for the modern user, who is simply skimming and scanning your hotel’s website.
  • The solution is simple: Write less and use formatting to capture and hold attention. This makes content easy to digest.

Here are 8 tips to engage with them better for writing hotel website content that recognises skimming and scanning behaviour:

1. Keep paragraphs short – about two sentences long.

2. Get to the point, and quickly. Write your most important points at the beginning of sentences or paragraphs.

3. Use bullets to break up content and emphasise your most important points.

4. Use subheadings to break up groups of thoughts.

5. Add relevant links to other parts of the site.

6. Leave plenty of white space.

7. Make each word count. Since you’re writing less, make sure the words you DO use are poignant and not generic.

8. Use photos. Instead of speaking wax poetic about your relaxing pool deck, show a stunning photo instead.

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