AirBnB Officially Opens Up To Support Boutique Hotels

AirBnB builds new tools and partnerships to help local businesses thrive.

AirBnB Officially Opens Up To Support Boutique Hotels

In an innovative partnership AirBnB is to allow hotels and other accommodation providers to list on the site for the first time through SiteMinder, who will be the first platform to act as a channel manager on a global scale.

With over 50% of our clients using the site minder platform, this is very exciting news and a new strategy in lowering OTA commissions who can charge 15% - 30%. Yes, it is still a portal site with a lot of other competitively priced options, but less commissions and huge marketing exposure will surely open up more revenue. I see this over time creating a new segmentation on AirBnB so that professional managed properties can be a class of their own.

This deal is not exclusive with SiteMinder and will open up to other platforms over time. The ease of being able to manage rates and inventory directly from the channel manager will be a game changer for any clients who currently list properties manually. Under the partnership, traditional hospitality businesses that use SiteMinder and meet AirBnB’s hospitality standards can quickly and seamlessly list rooms on the platform.

I love that the world we live in opens up new opportunities every day, like AirBnB building new tools and partnerships to help local businesses thrive. It is interesting to see their focus in wanting to specifically work with small hospitality businesses who excel at offering the best guest experiences. After all, the better we can match and improve what the guest wants, needs, the better hotels can grow their business.

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