Can I get more direct bookings from Facebook?

Here are some of the research findings on why this is working for hotels. Plus 8 action steps you can take to get more direct bookings from social media.

Can I get more direct bookings from Facebook?

If travellers aren’t sharing photos and videos of their trip, then they’re probably looking at what their friends have posted.

Now is the time to be fully embracing Facebook to secure direct bookings, build loyalty, and optimise online reviews. Engaging with travellers on Facebook has never been easier or more valuable and we can help with strategies on how to do this.

Some Facebook statistics:

  • 52% of social media users said their friends’ photos inspired travel plans
  • 76% post their vacation photos to social media
  • During research, 55% liked pages relating to the trip they were planning
  • Over 80% of US online travellers are active on social media
  • More than half of travel brands increased their bookings because of Facebook or another social media site
  • Over 70% log on daily
  • Over 50% use it to look for deals and offers
  • 80% of travellers are more likely to make a booking if a friend likes a page rather than viewing a regular advertisement

There is a lot of potential waiting to be tapped into.

Here are 8 action steps to get this working for you:

  1. Make instant booking available, directly into your website
  2. Use competitions to build likes and followers and give in order to get
  3. Share local knowledge and stories unique to your location
  4. Use video snippets, images and image collections to tell your story
  5. Word of mouth is more powerful than ever in a market were people’s attention is on the phone and on social media
  6. Connect and reward followers with exclusive offers & vouchers
  7. Paid advertising on Facebook is very targeted and provides great stats and insights (85 cents of every digital advertising dollar spent today is allocated to either Facebook or Google)
  8. Influencer marketing - use your room night allotments to engage with influencers to do the marketing for you to their followers

To find out more about how we can help you with your social media strategy, get in touch with us and we can have a chat.

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