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Content Marketing - The Secret Formula for More Website Visitors

Ok, it’s not such a huge secret, but it’s an often overlooked and very effective way to get many more visitors to your website.

Content Marketing builds loyalty and motivates your guests to stay interested in your property and the destination. It can be the missing ingredient that drives your business deeper into the digital world and gets you found before your competitors. It is also considered to be one of the most non-obtrusive methods of marketing, providing additional value, rather than trying to inadvertently sell something. The challenge is to make it engaging and interesting to motivate people to buy the experience you are offering.

So how do you make this work for you?

  • At least once a month, choose an event or topical news item focused on your location or target audience and create a uniquely written article (for those of you who are time poor, we can help with this).
  • Add this to your website – Publish the full article with images to your Blog/News/What’s On through the CMS Web App.
  • Send out a short newsletter with an extract from the article to spark people’s curiosity that LINKS BACK to the full article on the website.
  • The same can be done through social media. Add a short snippet to Facebook, Google+, Twitter or post a pic on Instagram and Pinterest and LINK BACK to the full article on the website.
  • You could even add a banner to your email signature if it is a big event you want to promote for a few weeks or months leading up to it. This can then LINK BACK to the full article on the website too.

Then sit back and monitor your Google Analytics stats to see the increased visitor flow to the website.

To recap the benefits

  • Helps increase immediate visitor flow to the website.
  • Helps to promote your brand awareness.
  • As it goes out to your past guests, it keeps you, rather than a competitor, in the minds of your guests.
  • This type of activity on the website and linking, improves your long term SEO, which in turn helps bring in more organic traffic.
  • More people on the site equates to more enquiries and more bookings.

All of the above can be done yourself on a regular basis or we can help you do some or all of the above – the main thing is that you have some sort of strategy in place to take advantage of this ‘secret formula’.

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