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Creative Ideas for your Hotel Specials

To make the most of SEO we highly recommend having a strategy in place and combining your special with a related article. By doing this you’ll be increasing the ability for your website to be found for a whole range of keyword search terms.

Ideas for Hotel Specials

  • Name Your Rate! This one has proven to be popular with guests and gets the phone ringing.
  • Bucket List You could write an article about some of the adventurous things to do in the area and have a bucket list package where guests could select which option they would like to experience as part of their package.
  • Partnership / Cross Promotion Working with local businesses to promote each other. This is a win/win for everyone.
  • Yoga and Spa Package Target those wanting to relax and rejuvenate and write about the benefits of taking time out to balance the body. You could contact a local yoga studio and see if they are doing sunrise and/or sunset yoga on the beach or if they will visit your hotel to run yoga classes.
  • 3 Day Itinerary Special People have busy lives and often when on holiday they don’t want to think too much, so create their stay for them. Target a specific guest type, like a family, and put together the best things for them to do over 3 days. Built into the package you could have visits to local attractions for the children and in the evening organize a babysitter, so the adults can go out and enjoy a meal and entertainment at a venue you know is really fantastic.
  • Permanent Specials Highly recommended for SEO rankings. With permanent specials they would run all year, like a romantic honeymoon package. This way people searching for a honeymoon package will find your article, which would link through to your special (or you could create a dedicated landing page for this search term). A great way to make a common special stand out, is to create a video for this and promote it in a more engaging manner. See a video example here.
  • Short Term Specials Local Events. Tie in a special with a blog post for an upcoming local event. If your article is written well, you’ll show up in search engines for that particular event. If the event is on again the following year, you’ll have this article already on your website and you can continuously show up each year in search engines.
get creative with your specials

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