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Email Marketing – The most effective channel for customer engagement

One of our increasingly scarce resources today is ‘time’, especially the time to ‘pay attention’ to traditional interruptive style marketing (TV, radio, print etc.). Marketing in an interactive world relies on the ‘permission’ to engage with customers. Once we have their permission, we can converse with them much more cost effectively knowing they are already interested in our product.

The internet is the greatest direct mail medium of all time and the low cost of frequent interaction makes it ideal for Permission Marketing.

“Email marketing out-performs every other channel on ROI and averages an impressive $40 for every dollar spent.”

Hotel and Tourism Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

The top email marketing performers know how to build email newsletters that work. They’ve taken the time to build their email newsletter with the following in mind;

  • Use a mobile friendly (responsive) newsletter template, so it can be viewed easily on all devices
  • They’ve taken the time to think about a good email newsletter subject line
  • They have compelling content to grab the customer’s attention
  • They remove the ‘SALES HYPE!!!!’
  • They have clear call-to-actions within their newsletter
  • They have many links pointing back to their website for things like hotel specials and upcoming events in the area
  • They use social sharing buttons

These marketers grow their customer database in many ways as they know how important it is to continue building customer relationships for repeat business.

Now your website contact form can talk to Pebble Mailer

On most websites we build, we add a subscription panel to your web pages that integrates seamlessly with your Pebble Mailer email marketing account to increase and extend your online marketing reach.

What we can now offer, is a seamless integration between your website’s contact form (or other forms on your website) and your Pebble Mailer account. This means new prospective customers contacting you through these web forms will have the option to subscribe to your email marketing lists like Hotel Specials, News and Events, Wedding News and Corporate News, and on doing so, will be added to your Pebble Mailer database.

This makes it easier to have a more targeted email marketing strategy in place, selecting to which lists to send particular email newsletters. It also adds an opportunity to collect subscribers that you would have otherwise missed.

Give your clients the option to be part of your online marketing promotions through every enquiry form on your website.

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