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Emotional Design Matters

We all know how powerful our emotions are to sway us one way or another. For those of us who love to be skeptical, Neuroscientists have proven that emotions rule our decision making process.

The reason this intrigues me is that we at Pebble Design have always focused on wanting to create custom web page designs that ‘speak’ to the senses and emotions of those using the sites we build. We have always believed and seen first hand on how people emotionally engage with a design rather than just buy on price. There are many factors that people take into account before booking online, sure price is a consideration, but it is the emotional decision to upgrade, stay longer, or the fully inclusive package that people connect with.

We are moving into an age where >machine learning and AI will give us unprecedented levels of knowledge on consumer behaviour. It is through this data that we can understand ourselves better and drive positive change and transform lives for the better.

There are many areas of a web page that we can connect emotionally with an audience. We have about 30 key hotel web design principles we work to and the 7 key ingredients that evoke emotional responses are:

1. Design layout

No cheap templates used ever, just pure clean lines crafted from intelligent thought, discussion and team collaboration.

2. Photography

So much of our story telling is done through great images, 93% of human communication is visual. Brilliant photos make a huge difference.

3. Fluidity

The flow of how the page reveals, text slides in, the navigation, the simple intuitive feel of the whole experience makes a site super engaging.

4. Brand clarity

It is critical to make it easy for people to identify exactly what is on offer, what is in it for them, be memorable and most importantly, to be consistent across all digital mediums, email newsletters, email signatures, all electronic communication devices.

5. Video

This is no doubt the biggest area of popularity for consumers, they just love video when it is seamlessly integrated into the design, no pop up windows. In particular people love drone footage as it shows the most amazing ‘birds-eye’ viewpoint which makes it mesmerising, very engaging and hugely emotive. Story telling to delight guests.

6. Tone of voice

The thing that stands out on hotel sites for me is a clear tone of voice. The hotel is clear on who their ideal market audience is and speak to them with intelligence and wit. Virgin always do this so well – with statements like – ‘Minibars Stocked At Street Prices’ or statements like ‘Slip between our sheets and find the Chicago vacation package that’s right for you. We’ve got plenty. Promise.’

7. Website performance

Speed, ongoing SEO and monthly analytics all matter. SEO may not be what you think it is when it comes to hotels, there are many ways to boost this at very low costs in comparison to the standard SEO packages so many companies offer. Talk to us, we are here to help. Tracking and results are where the real proof is in the pudding. (Ooooh yum, did someone say pudding?)

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