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Escape to wellness

As consumers grow more sophisticated, they are beginning to place a premium on hotel wellness experiences, which are associated with authenticity and providing the guest with an urban sanctuary to connect back to themselves and step back into life enriched from the experience.

How are hotels tapping into this new market share?

Wellness tourism is projected for an 11 percent compound annual growth rate through 2020, according to Technavio analysts. Wellness tourists are split into two groups, with primary wellness tourists traveling entirely for wellness purposes and secondary wellness tourists indulging in wellness-related activities but planning travel for other reasons.

Primary wellness tourists traveling internationally outspend the average international tourist by at least 60 percent, signaling a growing and valuable revenue stream for hotels.

With the adoption of wellness activities among consumers as a part of changing lifestyle, there is a growing demand for multiple price points and increased convenience and accessibility, thereby giving rise to new business models.

It goes so much further than just being ‘pampered’ or ‘feeling good’, or even ‘indulging oneself’.

We live in ever increasingly busy and stressful environments, are subject to mainstream marketing of food like products (packaged, processed and fast foods) and more insular and separate through technology rather than community. We are evolving as a society to survive our modern day world.

Worldwide shifts in lifestyle are also preparing the wellness tourism market for growth. The necessity for health and wellness follows naturally from increased awareness; anti-aging measures are gaining popularity in the East and the West; wellness initiatives are also treating recently discovered negative health effects of stress.

Sleep deprivation is no longer ‘a badge of honour’ when science is now proving the need for a sound nights rest is vital so that our super-intelligent bodies can have precious time to restore, rebuild and re-energise, ready for a new day, functioning in an optimal state.

The market is evolving as witnessed by the many new boutique hotels, locally inspired environments and spa treatments, adoption of traditional healing practices and local ingredients, healthier food choices, essential oil bathroom products and new investments in thermal and mineral spring pools.

Entrepreneurship and business innovation across the world will send the spa and wellness market on a growth path, which is firmly anchored to consumer demand.

There is a growing surge of healthy lifestyle options leading hotels to open new wellness centres, with a focus on sleep patterns of stressed guests, create a spa experience focused on natural products, offer massage opportunities and provide healthy dining options.

The corporate sector is gearing for consumer demand to provide unique experiences – healthy meeting experiences that will add team-building and productive fun into a long day of business and work, to maximise guest satisfaction and outcomes.

The concept of luxury wellness tourism is changing, individuals going for wellness tourism (primary wellness travellers) are more focused on seeking deeper relaxation. The new wellness concept is based on seeking a more integrated approach toward addressing the root cause of stress – either structural, emotional or lifestyle-related issues. Wellness tourists are increasingly becoming health conscious seeking rejuvenation.

The question is, How are your services going to evolve to support the new wave of traveller and where do you even start to address the many modern day concerns we are now faced with?

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