Facebook, your new secret weapon in travel...

Secret ways guests find your hotel. Are you wondering why you are paying more commissions to b.com? Google pivots to AI first - how will this impact travel? Facebook reveals ambitions for travel planning and booking.

Facebook, your new secret weapon in travel...

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Secret ways guests find your hotel

This is a fantastic article to understand how we as humans go from looking around to making a booking and the various channels we go through. Understanding attribution opens a window to your customers’ world-views. The more you understand them, the better you can serve them. You can adapt your digital strategy to cater to their behaviour.

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Are you wondering why you are paying more commissions to b.com?

B.com Advertising spend has increased massively between the first quarters of 2016 and 2017, up 25% to $981 million. The Priceline Group has seen gross bookings across the group for the first quarter of 2017 hit a record $20.7 billion.

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Google pivots to AI first - how will this impact travel?

Just when you thought you had changed your website to focus on mobile first (although some still haven’t), technology shifts up a notch again. At ITB Berlin in March 2017, Google announced that it now considers itself an “AI-first” company, moving away from its mobile-first position.

Following a flurry of releases in recent years, Google’s ever-expanding travel portfolio now includes Google Flights, Google Hotel Ads, Book on Google, Google Destinations, and the recently launched Google Trips.

This has fuelled debate about the company’s potential ambitions to become a full-blown online travel agency. But the amount they receive in ad revenue from the major OTAs means this is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Instead, Google sees itself as an “answer engine” and “connector” that helps consumers find the best possible matches when they’re planning a trip. And this is where its announcement as an AI-first company will really impact travel brands and hotels.

Today, you can “ask” your smartphone to find you a hotel and rely on an algorithm to plan your entire vacation. As the company’s AI platforms get better at understanding preferences and infiltrate everyday life, it’ll become even more influential in guiding consumer choices and the brands they connect with.

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Facebook’s Head of Travel reveals their ambitions for travel planning and booking

It is becoming more important to put our attention where the mass majority of the markets attention is - in their pocket - on their smartphone device for 3-7 hours a day. If you are not already using Facebook to connect and share your daily stories, utilising Facebook ads and the many other features.

Facebook is described as a “discovery platform” and Instagram as “a place for inspiration”. Whatever the intent, it’s clear that Facebook has the potential to be a major travel industry platform in its own right, and it’s starting to offer an array of marketing and direct booking opportunities for hotels.

Facebook launched a new “Recommendations” tool and also recently announced the soft launch of a trip planning tool within the Facebook app, called City Guides. The app can be used to discover hotels, restaurants, activities and tours in various cities based on recommendations from friends.

While Facebook is clearly persuasive in the inspiration phase of travel, it’s also a platform that can reach consumers at all stages of their travel journey. Facebook’s industry-specific ad platform, Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) represents a significant opportunity for hotels to engage potential guests. DAT enables travel brands to automatically retarget anyone who has shown recent interest in their website or mobile app. After switching from Facebook’s standard dynamic ad products to dynamic ads for travel, IHG benefited from a 20% percent lower cost per booking and a 50% increase in scale.

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