Find Out More Through Google Barometer

The Google Consumer Barometer is a tool to help you understand how people use the internet around the world. View a selection of their research findings in beautiful charts.

Find Out More Through Google Barometer

We have pulled out some of the data for you to view or feel free to go in and play around with the graphs yourself.

  • 32% Apparel
  • 41% Car Insurance
  • 8% Groceries
  • 69% Hotels for leisure
  • 14% Large home appliances
  • 23% Cinema tickets
  • 75% Flights for leisure
  • 22% TV sets

The number of connected devices per person in Australia - 3.1 (second highest in the world and on a par with the UK). Smartphone usage - Australia is the fourth highest user behind Singapore, China and the UK. Australia is one of the lowest social media users.
Country Connectivity Statistics

In what ways was the internet involved in people's recent purchases?
83% of people use the internet to research hotels in Australia.
Australian Hotel Focus

Why did people purchase? Filtered by Hotels and Australia.
60% for a holiday, 27% for a special occasion, 25% for a social gathering and 25% for self. 12% bought a discount or promotion and 4% purchased as a gift.
Reasons Australian's Booked Hotels Online

69% of online purchases are hotels for leisure, second only to buying flights online.
35% of people use the internet to compare products online before purchasing.
Australian Connectivity Statistics

69% of hotel online purchases were done online, 19% on the phone (not sure how Google calculated this one?), email 5%.
How Hotels Were Booked

32% of hotel bookings were done on a direct site and 40% on a price comparison site.
How Purchases Are Made

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