Four ways big media companies drive more website traffic

In an effort to drive traffic and consistently engage subscribers, media companies are using creative – and effective – email marketing methods

Four ways big media companies drive more website traffic

Learn their secrets and make these work for your business.

Personalise emails with dynamic content

Research shows emails with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened and marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.

Segment lists

Another way marketers can personalise email campaigns is to segment contacts into specific lists.

Research from Litmus shows sending irrelevant emails causes 25% of subscribers to opt out of email lists. Another 54% leave because the content they receive becomes repetitive or boring.

By sending personalised content to specific segments marketers can negate those problems.

How do you get started? Break your email list into groups that align with your goals. You might segment your list by age, gender, subscriber’s job title, interests, past purchasing history, browsing history, or geographic location.

Ad placement in emails

When media companies create and send emails, one of the main goals is to generate revenue. Goals often include getting new subscribers that will buy a subscription or membership.

This is a great idea for hotels to construct email newsletters that are both informative and interesting while keeping the ‘deal’ and ‘subscribe’ info to a clear ad style design.

You could even open up these ads to external companies, local restaurants, car hire, tours for them to pay you to advertise them to your past guests. Get paid to send out your newsletters.

Use automation to send emails

To make sure emails land in specific inboxes at the right time media companies use automation. Think of automation as a tool box that has a variety of levers you can use to get jobs done.

Welcome email

Media company Reddit sends an automated welcome email to new subscribers within minutes of signing up. Automated emails are sent based on triggers. In this case, a new sign up triggers an email to send. The fast-acting nature of these emails shows subscribers they’re valued, offers a kind greeting, and explains what to expect in future emails.

Subscriber email

E-triggers are gold. When someone subscribes you can send the welcome email immediately and then you can trigger an email in 1 month to go to them with a discount and another in 3 months with another value add - free room upgrade etc.

Booking confirmation email

E-triggers are great for booking confirmations, pre arrival up sell, post stay guest feedback etc.

Wedding / Conference kit download email

We also see great results by adding an e-trigger to a wedding/conference kit download so that the user gets multiple emails over a 1-2 week period extending the story of the full offering you deliver in bite size pieces.

The BEST part of e-triggers is that you can gain valuable market research on which emails were opened, open rates, click through rates.

All of the above are excellent for driving more traffic to your website.

If you need a hand or are not sure where to start, give us a call, we’ll make it easy for you and worth your while.

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