Free advertising for your hotel on social media

Get your guests engaging as micro influencers

Free advertising for your hotel on social media

Guests love sharing their happy holidays with friends and family. In their own right, they ARE micro-influencers! But are you benefiting from the free advertising across social media or are you (A.K.A. the hotel) getting left out of the sharing?

Tap into the opportunity that is already happening every day at your hotel with a few simple strategies so your guests are eagerly sharing your hotel with friends and family.

Social media is simply not going away and I think we all know that it is only going to become more and more important for hotels moving forward. So how much time do you put into it? Or a better question, how can you get the social conversation talking about you? How can you get social media users sharing your hotel eagerly and essentially marketing for free for you?

Give them incentives and simple directions!

So first of all, who are we targeting? A guest that has stayed with you, a guest currently staying with you, friends or family members of guests or potential new guests?

Engage with past guests, their friends and family and new potential guests

The best way to engage on social media with guests that have stayed with you is to first make sure they have followed you on social media.

A great way to do this is run a competition where you send out an email to your past guest database offering them the chance to win a certain amount of nights accommodation for free. It’s very important that you send them the right actions to take. There needs to be much more in the strategy than just liking the Facebook or Instagram page.

This competition has instant growth of followers and engagement as social media users love the opportunity to win something! If you use a video showing the uniqueness of your property and location to promote the competition, you’re engaging on a much more emotional level to really showcase a gorgeous holiday experience. Here are some examples or gorgeous video footage

To get even further reach, sponsor the competition so you can introduce new potential guests to your hotel.

When this strategy is done right, your guests will connect in such a way they have influence with friends and family.

If you’d love to kickstart 2018 with a big growth in engaged social media followers, reach out and we can organise this particular strategy for you.

Engage with current guests and their friends and family

We believe this is one of the most powerful ways to engage guests in a way that makes the biggest impact for hotels when it comes to brand awareness and sharing the hotel love ongoing!

If you can give guests a great incentive to share their experience on their social platform with friends and family plus make it easy for them, they are essentially marketing your business for free.

This competition is based on sharing strategically directed photos on social media while staying with you. Quite often guests are already posting the images from their holiday experience online but they aren’t adding in the relevant information that makes the big difference for the hotel. What you will also get is a steady stream of gorgeous happy imagery content provided free from your hotel guests to be used through-out social media, email newsletters, the website and other channels.

More and more people are making decisions about where to go on holiday based on what friends and family have suggested. This is because they have built up a trusted relationship with them and this is why their influence can make such a big impact for hotels.

The detail in this strategy is what makes it so powerful and it’s important nothing is missed or so too are the opportunities. It’s something that can be used ongoing in the hotel. Simply set it up and you have a steady stream of great ongoing imagery and organic influence amongst your guests friends and family.

This particular strategy is a great way to get people talking about you ongoing without you having to do much work at all and in our busy lives that is something worth considering! Call us on +61 7 5446 4368 to boost the happy conversation and sharing of your hotel on social media.

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