Gift Vouchers

With the silly season soon upon us it’s the perfect time to start promoting Gift Vouchers through your website. What a wonderful gift for people to give - the gift of relaxation and happy holiday memories.
Gift vouchers are a great way to generate additional revenue. Industry figures show 40% of vouchers are not even redeemed, which makes this product an essential one to promote and sell through your website.
You can also sell and promote all of your specials or packages as well as any other products as a Gift Voucher. Just think of it as a pre-purchased product.

Gift Vouchers

Part of selling gift vouchers is also about setting up a marketing strategy to promote them. Graphic banners on the website and links in the navigation are important to add in. We also suggest sending out an EDM to promote them to all your past guests, once live on the site as well as repeating this email around certain times of the year, holiday periods, Christmas etc. Gift vouchers are a great honeymoon or wedding gift too.

We offer 3 options of adding gift vouchers to your website.

Option 1: Standard Gift Voucher - email form $1200 + Gst

This is the most affordable option which is a webform setup on your website where users enter in their details, recipient details and credit card details. On submission users receive an email which has been designed as a gift voucher which they can then either email off to the recipient as the gift voucher itself or print it off and give to the recipient.

This can either be setup so users can enter a dollar value or users can select from different packages in a dropdown menu.

This option is a set and forget setup and if you would like it updated in the future we can easily do that for you.

Option 2: Flexible Gift Voucher - create your own gift vouchers ongoing $2,100 + gst

Fully flexible gift voucher shopping cart style with the ability to sell fixed priced vouchers. You can also add package vouchers and continue to add any type of gift voucher that you want at different times of the year. This option gives you full control of adding new gift vouchers and packages ongoing.

This option has the ability to add a custom designed PDF for a sexy looking voucher which is downloadable after purchase (POA).

Option 3: Full shopping cart - includes products i.e. spa or merchandise products $3,300 + gst

The option not only allows you to sell gift vouchers (as mentioned in option 2) but products as well through your website creating a full shopping cart experience. You can setup an unlimited number of catalogues & products with grouping, inventory control and more. You can create and set your own discounts and you have Multi-currency support.

Payment Gateways

Most property owners already have a payment gateway setup that integrates with their PMS and booking engine. SecurePay and eWay are popular Australian payment gateways that easily integrate with the CMS and there are many more that also integrate easily into the CMS. These companies both now offer products that don’t require ‘online merchant accounts’ set up with your bank, just the stand alone payment gateway.

There is also the option for a secure offline credit card payment method.

If you don’t already have gift vouchers up and running on your website and would like to get this in place for Christmas then please feel free to get in touch.

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