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Give Guests an Incentive to Book Direct

Users on OTA sites will often visit your website before they make a booking, so why not give them the best offer available, that can only be received when booking directly with you.

When users land on your website, make this message obvious. A great way to do this is by having a pop up message appear, which prompts them to subscribe to always receive the best possible offers. On this pop up you can also display your incentive offer, with a click through for more information. Software Advice, a company that researches hotel reservation systems, has some other great ideas for incentives to offer including:

  • 48% of participants said a room upgrade would convince them to book directly.
  • This room upgrade can be as simple as offering a balcony or better view.
  • In regard to amenity options, 55% of survey takers said they would prefer to be offered free food and drinks at the hotel.

The best incentives for convincing travellers to book direct…

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