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Google Loves Fast Sites!

Ryan Solutions analyzed 4,800 hotel websites using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool which gives each website a score of 0-100. The average score for the hotels they analyzed was 68.7.

A score of at least 85 is what Google considers “performing well.”

At Pebble Design, we are still learning and our latest 15 sites had an average of 88 which we are happy with especially considering that many of these sites are very image rich and include full screen HTML5 video.

Speed has long been one of Google’s obsessions, and over the course of the last few months, the company also introduced AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, which makes sites load even faster on mobile.

While it doesn’t use AMP as a ranking signal today, it does prominently feature AMP pages. Chances are, it will start doing so in the future, though, and over time, it will then increase the importance of using AMP just like it did with its first efforts in ranking mobile-friendly sites higher.

This additional level of coding will add to the build of websites and dives deeper into future SEO strategies to be mindful of.

Despite being imperfect, these scores are an interesting insight into how Google views hotel websites relative to the factors they consider in their ranking algorithm. We may not always agree with their rules, but to claim our share of the reach they provide, we do have to play by them.

If you are concerned about your website page load speed or would like to know more, give us a call to discuss further optimising your website.

Original article – Ryan Solutions

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