Grow Your Hotel Subscriber Database

Any successful internet marketer will agree, your subscriber database is one of the most valuable elements to being successful online. Good email marketing campaigns build sales and customer relationships and can deliver an excellent ROI, so it's important to continue to grow your database.

Grow Your Hotel Subscriber Database

Ways to Grow Your Subscriber Database

  • A subscriber form can be added to your website - (if there is an incentive, this works even better).
  • Make sure you collect email addresses from all of your clients and add them to your database.
  • Competitions are a great way to grow your database.
  • In the case of having a large postal database, a direct mail piece can be created and sent out with an incentive for people to subscribe online, to capture their email address.

The easiest way to subscribe them if you have an iPad, is to use the NEW Subscribe App

Pebble Mailer Subscribe App

(available through iTunes as a free download that then connects directly into your Pebble Mailer account)

This is an elegant little app that turns your iPad into a beautiful subscribe form.

This free App can be installed and set-up yourself within minutes. It can be completely customized to match your company's own look and feel. There are 10 different themes to choose from and you can add your own logo, background image and change the copy and colours to suit.

This app works offline too, so you can collect subscribers without any internet connection and, once connected, it will automatically sync them to your account.

In the hotel and tourism industry it's perfect for the reception desk, an event you might be hosting, or anywhere else where people might like to join your list when they're not in front of their computer.

Simply search and install the 'Subscribe Me' App onto your iPad, enter your Pebble Mailer username and password and follow the prompts.

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