Handy Tips on adding Valuable Content to your Hotel Website

In our many years of crafting websites and building online marketing solutions to make our client's lives easier, we are definitely of the opinion that content plays a very important role in marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Handy Tips on adding Valuable Content to your Hotel Website

Almost all businesses today use some form of content management system to update their website themselves (we have been offering CMS since 2008), but the big question is, 'what content do I add to stay fresh?'.

One of my favourite questions is also 'why' or 'what' is the purpose of needing to keep working on your website when so many of us are already busy running our businesses and are time poor?

It all comes down to the unique power of the internet in that all information, especially quality relevant copy about your business, is constantly being searched for by hundreds and thousands of people every day.

The hotel and tourism industry provides us with many ways to add quality, unique content. ('Unique' means content that you have written yourself or had somebody write for you, as Google can easily tell if content has been duplicated and even go so far as to penalise your site if you do it too much). Adding whole new pages to your website is a great way to grow your site and communicate the many niche aspects of your business.

Easiest Ways To Do This

  • Special Offers Seasonal or fresh monthly offers.
  • What's On Articles on annual and seasonal events.
  • Blog New attractions, cafés, things to do.
  • Guest testimonials Don't just rely on Trip Advisor, capture and post your guest feedback directly onto your site - fresh content can be added by guests every day.
  • Local Attractions Add a unique page, in your own words, on every attraction you think is worth its merit.
  • Images These show and tell their own story, add weddings, attractions and 'a day in the life' image gallery to your website.
  • Video (OK, not so easy for the less techy, but this medium will eventually take over television altogether and we can help with this).
  • Social Media All articles can be shared through any of your social media accounts, take note - Google+ is a critical one for great SEO.

Think Outside The Square

Emotional and tangible topics are what life is made of and to which people relate.

eg. An article on health, relaxation and rejuvenation is relevant to a beach holiday or perhaps spending quality holiday time with family creates lifelong memories.

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