Harvard Business Review reveals how bad business travel is for your health.

The common threat to our health while travelling: stress, poor sleep, unhealthy eating and drinking, and lack of exercise are common side effects of being on the road. Over the long-term, these issues can add up to chronic disease risks.

Harvard Business Review reveals how bad business travel is for your health.

According to the findings - We found a strong correlation between the frequency of business travel and a wide range of physical and behavioural health risks.

Compared to those who spent 1-6 nights a month away from home for business travel, those who spent 14 or more nights away from home per month had significantly higher body mass index scores and were significantly more likely to report the following: poor self-rated health; clinical symptoms of anxiety, depression and alcohol dependence; no physical activity or exercise; smoking; and trouble sleeping. The odds of being obese were 92% higher for those who traveled 21 or more nights per month compared to those who traveled only 1-6 nights per month, and this ultra-traveling group also had higher diastolic blood pressure and lower high density lipoprotein (the good cholesterol).

It is a no wonder that ‘wellness’ is finding its way into the guest well-being experience. As a society, we are becoming more and more health conscious and experience high levels of comfort at home, one could say ’better’ than many hotels. The new luxury for hotels to offer is a ‘wellness discovery’. Research has also shown that people are more open to experiencing or trying something new and different when they are in a new environment. This is the perfect opportunity to offer guests a new experience that can elevate their mood, increase their cognitive ability, energise them and most importantly offer them a beautiful nights sleep.

The world of science and bio-hackers is easy to witness when your local cafe is offering turmeric latte, beetroot latte, matcha latte or even mushroom latte. The science behind why people consume these is amazing and the up-regulating effects on the body will have guests coming back for more.

The most important aspect of guest well-being in my books, is getting a good nights sleep. I travel a lot and stay in a lot of hotel rooms and the thing I struggle with most is the poor quality of sleep I get. There is a lot of science on why this is and a lot of easy to achieve ‘best sleep’ practices that can be easily achieved in hotel rooms.

Wouldn’t it be great if people chose your hotel because of how well they slept in it and were able to take home some of the learnings they experienced while staying with you. They would be loyal customers for years to come and would tell all their friends

Yes, adding wellness to your hotel is a brilliant marketing story to share with your past guests and a compelling reason for people to choose your hotel over another.

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