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Have you got a solid Book Direct Strategy in place?

We know many of our clients are losing a bunch of cash to the OTA’s

This is why we developed Pebble Price Check loyalty discount tool.

We’ve listened to our customers and we’ve delivered…

The vast majority of the discussions we’ve had with our clients is for them to acquire more direct bookings.

Where are customers at?

Customers do visit individual property websites but also end up leaving if they don’t find ALL the information they are looking for.

  • It’s important to communicate to your guests that they will get the best price and especially service when they book direct.
  • Your own website is your best opportunity to offer the best user experience. Great design, optimised photos, engaging video, sell your uniqueness and customised special offers… but also be sure to be clear on the incentives of booking direct.
  • A high percentage of people prefer to book direct so why don’t they? From our experience you have to give people everything they want in one place and on a website that is easy to use, visually appealing and works fast.

How will Price Check help me?

The biggest benefits for you are:

  • Show your best price and a comparative rate directly on your website
  • Display exclusive direct booking advantages like free wifi etc
  • Quickly grow your loyalty database
  • Works on all devices

Even more reasons to take action:

  • More direct bookings
  • Build trust and piece of mind
  • Display exclusive book direct advantages
  • Show pricing without the need to click through to a booking engine
  • Offer a loyalty discount
  • Grow your loyalty database
  • Reminder, second chance message pop up (when leaving browser)
  • More engagement and touch points during buying journey
  • What is the cost to not do this?


See a live example: Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments (bottom right corner of their website). Contact us to find out more

Other contributing factors as to why people leave a website without booking.

  1. #1 Reason – they think they can get a cheaper price elsewhere.
  2. Read guest reviews (heaven forbid you have a link to TripAdvisor, make sure you have reviews on your website and don’t link out).
  3. They want special offers (value add and experience based special offers are key).
  4. No current news and events (Who loves to read old news? Keep your website content fresh and engaging).
  5. No incentive to book direct – educate them on the benefits of booking direct (personally match their needs, offer them the best rates, inclusions and upgrades).
  6. Slow performing website on desktop, mobile and tablet (technology keeps changing and consumers are impatient, give it to them fast or they leave).

We are developing more and more research in this area to help as many clients as we can to grow their businesses in the ever changing landscape of hotel world.

Please contact us to discuss your viewpoints or concerns you have for your business.

We have many low cost solutions to leap your business forward, get more visitors, get more direct bookings, get more SEO, get faster bookings.


Brendan Veary
Founder – Pebble Design

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