Have You Got A Solid Media Strategy For Your Hotel For 2018?

Today it is easier and more cost-effective to measure your marketing than any other time in history. If you don’t have a strategy mapped out you are missing out.

Have You Got A Solid Media Strategy For Your Hotel For 2018?

All hotels can leverage social media and email marketing to increase the awareness of what you offer that is unique, your brand, encourage and show off customer engagement, and drive more direct sales.

Here are a few reasons why...

Reason 1.

It is estimated 2.9 billion people will use email by the end of 2019, according to The Radicati Group.

Reason 2.

It is estimated 2.7 billion people will use social sites by that time, according to Statista.

Reason 3.

When email marketing and social media team up, they create a marketing duo that helps hotels maximise their reach in today’s digital age.

However, like any other marketing channel or tactic, you need a plan to be successful on social media. You can’t just post funny memes on Facebook and tweet a few stats each week and expect results. Equally, your email marketing needs to be ‘shipped out’ on a regular basis.

Seth Godin (one of the best digital marketers of our time) refers to shipping ones art and not delaying. If we get caught up in making things perfect, or waiting for the the right moment, we don’t get to ship our art / send our email campaign. If we don’t send out any email communication to all our customers - who want to stay in know - we miss out on getting their booking.

Email marketing

Email marketing is best done as a 6 or 12 month planned strategy where you (or we can help you) orchestrate key time periods where you need some extra bookings, with value added offers, unique incentives and local topics of interest that spark people’s imagination.

Social media

Social media can then be inter-twinned with this strategy while being customised to the platforms you like to be on or have the resources to keep fresh (Yes, we know how busy you are, so that's where we can also be of assistance).

1. We can audit what social structure you already do or don’t have in place. As Warren Buffet always says:

“There is never a good time to jump in or out of the market, just always be in the market.”

2. We will audit you customer database and the lead generation or strategies you have in place to capture new email addresses.

3. Align any current social media influencers we are already connected with that can promote your property to their audiences.

4. Set up defined tracking and analytics goals. Setting up unique voucher codes also helps attribute ROI so we can measure the success of the areas working.

5. Content creation - the juicy stuff!! BuzzSumo analysed social share data from 100 million articles over the course of eight months and provide the following tips:

  • Infographics are one of the most highly shared pieces of content.
  • Long form articles get more shares than shorter ones. Aim for 1,000-2,000 words per post.
  • Content that evokes a happy emotion like joy or amusement fares better than content that generates anger or sadness.
  • Include images in your posts to increase engagement and shares.

6. Paid posts, using Google AdWords and remarking to your advantage - will also expand your reach as far as you want to take it. The targeting is very specific and once you see certain posts gaining popularity, you can choose to push it out further and spread your brand effectively through social media.

7. Monitor and adjust. With all the data flow it is easy to see which ideas and posts are working and to be able to continually refine and adjust your campaigns to continue to grow results.

If this is starting to sound a little too complicated, it’s not. Let us make things simple for you, help you understand the technology at your fingertips and get you moving with email and social media.

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