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Hotel and Tourism Yearly Article Writing Strategy

How does Google know what you are looking for before you even finish typing a word or sentence?

Working on a computer all day and using Chrome as my preferred web browser, I am still amazed at how quickly and how intuitive Google is in managing to deliver search results very closely related, and usually exactly related, to what I want. I find this true even while searching on my phone or tablet using the Chrome app, which is also not far out of reach at all times.

Upon looking further into the Google analytics of many of the hotel websites, I am also amazed at the thousands of impressions our clients’ websites now get, for seemingly random key words and phrases. The click throughs and landing pages are increasingly pointing to the importance of content being added to ‘blogs’ and ‘what’s on’ type pages.

In short, I can see how important content is in real time through the stats to which I am privy.

Article writing monthly plan for the year ahead

So the simple answer to improving your online marketing can start with having some sort of ‘article writing’ plan for the year. This not only helps build your online business, it also helps build your business period.

This is a great way to utilise the NEWS, BLOG or WHAT’S ON functionality of your website (If you don’t have these built in, we can add them for you).

Ok, I know, who’s got time to write eloquent articles every month and stay up to date with all the current events, let alone add them to the website and send out email newsletters sharing snippets of this content? It is a bit to do, but we can help simplify this for you, and you will see, it is great way to develop your business over time.

Blog posts alone won’t get results – you need articles built on an effective content marketing strategy. One that uses persuasive copywriting, social media and market research to connect with your ideal customer.

It is Google that places a high value on unique content written in direct relation to the website on which it is found. It is really important not to duplicate other content on your website, as this increases the original sources rankings only. Herein lies the value of using a copywriter and creating epic content relevant to your business.

Interestingly enough, one of the top 5 business books for 2013 is – Epic Content Writing by Joe Pulizz. It outlines concrete steps companies can take to use content to attract customers – the idea that customers don’t want to be sold to, they want to be educated.

Author: Brendan Veary – Director, Pebble Design

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