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How is Wellness being Trumped in Hotels?

We see a trend in health and wellness as we as a culture seek out better health, nutrition and happy experiences for self, colleagues and family.

Ok, so how does this impact on the general travel industry as a whole?
As health becomes a more important investment in everyone’s life (after all, we only get one body), travel and holidays that are supportive of this trend are on the rise.

Trump Hotels started a LIVE WELL strategy for guests back in 2013, placing ‘wellbeing’ at the centre of the guest experience. Their aim is to give guests the ability to maintain , and even elevate their own healthy lifestyle preferences when they travel.
Their culinary teams offer vegan, gluten -free and organic selections as well as healthy ‘quick bites’ to nourish guests on the go.

The global wellness tourism market expanded to US$494 billion in revenues in 2013 and is growing every year.

As modern day science and bio-hacking open a whole new world of wellness and optimal living, coupled with the widespread knowledge that our health is rapidly declining, everyone now has a level of awareness that is creating new needs from health focused customers.

Within a hotel there are so many aspects than can impact on the wellbeing of the guest.

  • Quality Sleep is increasingly ranked as the new top health goal according to many health industry professionals.
  • Upgraded environments – EMF’s, junk light, air quality, auto immune factors and a minimal chemical footprint.
  • Nutrition – structured water, organic, farm to plate, grass fed, elevated mitochondria function – food is information and if we create a copy of our body every year, we’d best be using the best quality reproduction materials and minimise the artificial, packed and fast food options.
  • Inner peace – meditation and mindfulness practices to alleviate stress imbalances and find an inner calm and connectedness.
  • Functional movement – yoga, pilates, qi gong, animal flow, tabata, TRX, HIIT, beyond the old treadmill

So the question is, how do you stay on top of the trends and identify the opportunities for you to enhance and upgrade your guests experiences now and moving into the future?

Inspired and fuelled by many personal factors as a tech loving, fun seeking, health focused, modern day web cultured team, we are passionate around creating change through technology in very grounded real world, practical applications.
We are developing several new online platforms to help deliver solutions to all hoteliers in this rapidly growing demand area.

Please stay tuned and we will keep the information coming… or you can get in touch and we can get you started early.

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