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How would you like your guests to feel smarter and more energised, having stayed in your hotel?

Sure, a cozy bed and warm shower will get the job done, but a hotel can provide much more than just a place to rest your head. I have always believed that a hotel experience should be an ‘extra-ordinary’ experience. Many of us live incredibly abundant and comfortable lives surrounded by modern day pleasures. The hotel experience needs to go to much greater lengths to compete with our everyday lives, however there is a new frontier to offer NEW experiences to guests. This is in guest well-being 2.0. This is exactly what some hotels are already doing.

Hotels are smartening up in new ways, with thought-provoking experiences for guests that make a more lasting impression.

From in-house neuroscientists to specially curated TED Talks, inspiring events and networking opportunities, these hotel experiences aim for travellers to leave feeling smarter, more productive and more energised.

To help travellers find mental clarity, Corinthia Hotel in London has introduced a unique amenity: an in-house neuroscientist – Dr Tara Swart

The hotel’s Brain Power package includes specially tailored spa treatments, food, mocktails and amenities – all designed to boost brain power. When working with the chefs they chose specific foods which are scientifically proven to boost the brain’s executive functions. For example, dishes including nuts, seeds or leafy green vegetables, such as kale, are rich in magnesium. This helps to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Dr Swart also hosts talks on a range of topics to help better educate and for guests to better understand ways to optimise their energy. A hotel is a unique microcosm filled with people under differing types and degrees of mental pressure, from jet lag to high pressure meetings to poor sleep.

The world’s largest hotel group post-Starwood merger, Marriott International has introduced several innovative concepts this year.

To encourage creative thinking, the group has partnered with TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) to create exclusive videos for Marriott guests.

The goal is to have these events and experiences help spark guests’ creativity and innovation, while inspiring new perspectives.

Located in Vienna, Austria, Hotel Schani Wien has been a step ahead of the curve since it opened in 2015.

The hotel emphasises time-saving touches to ensure guests are as productive and efficient as possible, including online room selection, mobile room keys, Bitcoin payment, electric vehicle charging stations, and even electric scooters for rent.

In addition to ensuring guests are as productive as possible, the hotel also aims to help them feel inspired. The hotel’s open plan pays homage to artists and painters of the past, who exchanged ideas in Viennese coffee houses 150 years ago.

In addition to its social spaces, the hotel also offers dedicated co-working corners. Guests can set up an online profile to introduce themselves, and even contact other professionals.

Another way of inspiring guests and locals alike is with live music performances, smart talks from industry leaders, regular networking events and a co-working breakfast every month.

Inspired by – Original Article – Kate Springer

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