I love a new tech company that solves current problems

While I was some new hotels from the 2016 on Condé Nast Traveller, hot hotel list, I ended up on a London Hotel that had a great widget running on it.

I love a new tech company that solves current problems

On researching further this widget can help increase direct bookings by 35%, with real time price comparisons from OTA’s feeding directly into your website, a feature to reduce cart abandonment, plus a data platform to give you inside metrics and any disparities in rate parity.

The company I am talking about is Triptease

Their sole purpose is to help hotel increase direct bookings.

Just like a lot of us who love to travel, their story started out of frustration trying to book a holiday online. The average person visits 38 websites and spends 45 days trying to book a trip.

I love their statement “We’re fighting back by building a suite of digital tools to improve transparency and help build the relationships between hotels and guests.”

They offer:


Price Check. Remove the stress and angst from booking and increasing trust.


Remind guests on the point of leaving of the benefits of booking direct – and capture valuable guest data in the process.


Manage your parity. Including the acclaimed ‘Disparity Dungeon’, the Data Platform provides powerful analytics.

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