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Interactive, Digital, In-Room Compendium

Your compendium can be provided digitally online and is completely app free. This means you can easily load it onto your iPad or tablet device, as per your internet browser. One of the advantages of having an online compendium is that everything seamlessly links to your current website, and guests can stay up to date instantly with the latest specials and things to do within the area.

How can an online compendium benefit you?

Another benefit of having your compendium digitally online, is that it is simple to update all of your content and images along with your current website. Editing and updating your compendium within the Pebble CMS is easy and hassle free, and once you make your change it will instantly update across all tablet devices throughout the hotel or resort. This means you can update on the fly, without the hassle of reprinting and replacing, using old and outdated methods.

The compendium has been fine-tuned for ease of use, and everything down to how you navigate your compendium is finger friendly. You can easily scroll up and down for more content, or simply swipe left and right to navigate through each page as desired.

At Pebble we can help you customise your compendium to suit your needs; the limit is your imagination. Find out more here.

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