Is it possible to get blockbuster movie quality video at low cost?

Welcome to the age of the drone. Discover how our future lives will be impacted by this new technology and how you can take advantage for your hotel.

Is it possible to get blockbuster movie quality video at low cost?

We can now achieve photos and video from angles that have never before been possible.

I know this is not that exciting for most people, but with the eyes of a photographer, getting into the right spot to take a photo makes all the difference.

What is even more amazing are the actual images that the human eye has never seen before, that makes drone footage so appealing. Once you start to understand what drone footage looks like, you will start to see it in more and more areas.

Capturing a location or a hotels unique perspective in relation to a beach, lake, park or even the size of the actual building adds a dramatic effect to the story being told on the website.

Adding unique aerial photos is amazing, but adding video takes things to a whole new level (excuse the pun, not intended).

Don’t take my word for it, visit our new video page to see for yourself. We also have several affordable new packages available if you are keen to really capture that birds eye view of your hotel, just shoot us a quick email or give us a call.

The world of drones is not just for taking awesome videos and photos, we are moving into a whole new and exciting world of possibilities.

If you want to get more excited about the world we live in, take a visit to

The below article is an excerpt from one of their pages showing a quick summary of the possibilities unfolding today in drone world:

Here Come Drones and Flying Cars

Quadcopters and multicopters big and small made huge strides in 2016.

We are headed towards a world where autonomous drones will image the world at millimeter resolution, deliver products and packages, and transport humans to remote areas that were previously inaccessible by roads.

Here were the top six drone and “flying car” developments this year:

  1. Amazon Prime Air Made Its First Delivery: Amazon’s drone delivery program “Prime Air” made its first delivery in the U.K. this year. Expect a much bigger rollout in 2017.
  2. The 7-11 Convenience Store Leads: Convenience store 7-11 made 77 drone deliveries this year, beating Amazon by a long shot.
  3. Mercedes Commits $500M to Drone Delivery: Mercedes-Benz vans and drone tech startup Matternet have created a concept car called a Vision Van. The van’s rooftop serves as a launch and landing pad for Matternet’s new M2 drones.
  4. Larry Page Funding Flying Cars: Reports this year suggest Google cofounder Larry Page has been personally funding a pair of startups devoted to creating flying cars. He has purportedly put over $100 million into the ventures.
  5. 1,000 Organ Transplant Deliveries from Drone Ordered: Last year we saw Chinese company eHang announce the first human-carrying drone. Recently, United Therapeutics CEO Martine Rothblatt announced a deal to fund 1,000 retrofitted eHang drones to provide organ deliveries to transplant patients, as part of Rothblatt’s Manufactured Organ Transport Helicopter (MOTH) system.
  6. Uber Launched Its Elevate Program: Global transportation giant Uber announced its plans to enter the “flying car” service arena by publishing a massive whitepaper this year detailing its plan to launch an “on demand aviation” service called Uber Elevate.

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