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Just Released - Faster in-page bookings with Booking Button

This dramatically improves your user experience giving them a consistent branded experience and making it much easier for guests to find everything they need and easily and more quickly make a booking.

Consistent Booking Experience

With a beautifully designed website and a seamlessly integrated booking engine, you can now give guests a consistent and faster booking experience.

Once a user has left the property website to make a booking through the booking website, they will still have a number of questions pop into their mind. What is the cost to upgrade to the next room type? What are others saying (reviews)? Maybe I deserve to spend a little extra on our family holiday? What else is local and nearby? What can I eat in the area? How close is the beach? I wonder if there are any upcoming events? What was the price again? I wonder if there are there any specials? What was the colour of the more expensive rooms, they felt nicer? By now being able to keep users on your website while checking prices and room types, it makes it much easier for them to navigate to answer their questions. It is better to effortlessly slide people into the booking process while on your website, more organic, more fluid, just easier for guests to make their booking.

Less Clicks to make a booking

Having the booking information integrated into your website is going to simplify the booking experience for your users. With less clicks it’s going to make it much easier for guests to make a booking. The more steps there are, the more complicated it gets. By making it easy for users online, you will get more direct online bookings from your website investment.

Consistent Brand Experience

Improve the level of trust your client has when they are making a booking directly on your website by having an easy in-page booking experience. Once you click out or exit a property site, users are at the mercy of the Booking website which normally has limited branding and feels very different to the property website. Giving people this security and peace of mind early in the booking process will help convert many more bookings.

Custom Styling and Content

We can custom stylise the layout of your rooms, information, prices, fonts, colours and data to pull through to be consistent with that of your website. No more standard layouts typical of the booking engine pages. All users need to do is add any extras and make the final payment in the booking engine, all other decisions are made within your website. This is a very innovative move on behalf of Siteminder, one that us designers love. Improving branding and the user experience is always super important to win more direct bookings online.

Dynamic Pricing

With this integration, we can pull through prices directly to your home page, making it really easy for users to see today’s prices. We can pull through prices directly to the specials page, specific packages pages as well as accommodation pages with prices dynamically updating when you change them from your booking engine.

Here at Pebble, we’re really excited by this much improved user experience. Not only are your guests getting a beautiful online web experience but now a beautiful online booking experience. If this is something you have been wanting for a long time or are interested in now, please Get in touch and we can have a chat about how we can make it best work for your hotels online experience.

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