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Keeping an eye on your Hotel Website Stats & Google Analytics

Google analytics

We go to great lengths to obtain detailed web statistics from all of our websites to deliver to our clients. The new Google tracking codes and analytics software enables us to create and deliver quality monthly reports, yearly reports and specific, in-depth reports as required.

The ideal setup we like to create for each of our clients is done by utilising the custom dashboards in Google Analytics. There are 3-4 main dashboard reports that we send out every month to keep clients informed on some of the main KPI’s. We can create more custom reports as required; we love the stats as this is where we see the fruits of our labour.

General Visitors

  • Overall Visits
  • Absolute Unique Visitors
  • Pageviews
  • Average Visit Duration
  • Pages Per Visit
  • Bounce Rate
  • New Visits
  • Visits By Traffic Type
  • Keywords
  • Referring Sites
  • Visits By City
  • Visits By Social Media


  • Mobile and Tablet
  • Mobile Visits
  • Time on Mobile
  • Mobile Device
  • Book Online
  • Click to Call
  • Action by Device
  • Revenue (if app)
  • Revenue by Device


  • Goal Completions
  • Conversion Rate
  • Book Online
  • Online Enquiry, Email
  • Subscribe
  • Downloads
  • Goal By Keyword
  • By Referral Site
  • By City
  • By Social Network

Revenue (if applicable)

  • Overall Revenue
  • Conversion Rate
  • Transactions
  • By New/Returning Visitor
  • By Referral
  • By Product & Quantity
  • By City
  • By Social Network

google analytics dashboards

We provide clients with access to their Google Analytics account and set up a series of custom reports to be emailed monthly, with a summary of the important areas to monitor for healthy growth online.

What should you do with your statistics?

You can use the information gathered by Google Analytics to strategise and to help you determine which of your marketing ventures are working best, so you can capitalise on them.

Look for areas that need improvement. If you’re running a Google Adwords campaign, there’s an entire section devoted to this as well.

Figure out which pages have the highest conversion rate. Determine what people entering your site ‘want’ and figure out how to give it to them.

There are many other ways to use your Google Analytics data reports to your advantage. If you need help reading them and acting upon them, please give us a call.

Pebble Mailer Statistics

Pebble Mailer provides great looking and comprehensive real-time reports allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of every campaign you send. The moment your campaign is sent you have access to a range of reports that show you exactly how your subscribers are interacting with it.

See reports on:

  • Snapshot overview of the whole campaign
  • Recipient Activity
  • Link Activity and Overlay
  • Social Sharing and Forwards
  • Worldview – realtime opens
  • Opens and Clicks over time
  • Email Client Usage – see what device they used, mobile, laptop etc.
  • Bounce Summary

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