Look at me! Look at ME!! Look at me…

What if you found out a way to triple your hotel visibility? Would this help win you more business and increase your revenue? Find out how to get more people looking at you…

Look at me! Look at ME!! Look at me…

I’m seeing a lot more research and articles on how small independent hotels can get more visible using metasearch. If you are serious about growing your audience, Metasearch is ripe for you to take full advantage of.

OTAs are indirect booking channels that own the relationships with your guests. Metasearch sites, on the other hand, are primarily not booking channels. They are advertising platforms on which hotels (and OTAs!) can market their inventory.

From the price-sensitive guest perspective, metasearch sites have the distinct perceived advantage of being a one-stop shop. Research location and hotel availability during their desired travel dates, read reviews and compare prices between different booking channels (including the OTAs) and if the hotel is using metasearch - book directly with the hotel.

Yes, Kayak is owned by Priceline and Trivago is owned by Expedia, but the real contender here is Google with Google Hotel Ads. Google is the first stop metasearch display for most people - just search any accommodation in any location and see Google display Hotel Ads on the right hand column underneath their images and map content. Google Hotel Ads are also displayed for anyone using google maps while searching for accommodation which massively increases your hotel visibility.

What are the benefits?

  • It can be bought through a CPA (cost per acquisition) or CPC (cost per click)
  • We offer self managed or filled managed packages to make your life easier
  • Traffic to Metasearch sites has tripled since 2014 according the research data across 2000 hotels by Fastbooking, Google Hotel Ads is hands down the highest growth marketing too
  • Take your place on the first page of Google, don’t let the OTA’s dominate this as well as ‘pay per click’. OTA’s use metasearch extensively to their advantage, to the tune of $1.3 billion - it works
  • Get direct bookings and build your own guest database
  • Diversify your online marketing beyond email marketing, social media marketing and be more active in direct booking marketing

We have partnered with Fastbooking who are now here in Australia - at last - and we can get you set up and increase you visibility hassle free for you. Give us a call to run through how this can work for your hotel.

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