New Feature Can Get Your Hotel In Front Of A 2.7 Billion Audience

Facebook has added some cool new features to do exactly that.

New Feature Can Get Your Hotel In Front Of A 2.7 Billion Audience

Oh no, not more time wasted and being distracted on Facebook I hear you mumble under your breath…

It’s all good we’ve got this for you.

Here is a quick summary of what this means to you or what you can do to help your business grow.

You’ve paid good money on a website and I know you want as many people and visitors as possible to see it and make a booking.

Last month Facebook released broad audiences for Dynamic Ads to all advertisers globally on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. This is a huge move for Facebook toward a full-funnel approach that presents a major opportunity for travel advertisers to reach new customers with location-specific intent.

I hear you asking; What are Broad Audiences & How Do They Work?

These are people who are in the market to travel with a specific destination in mind but have not been to your website yet. We know they are looking and can now target display ads or posts on Facebook and Instagram leading them to you.

Facebook combines what it knows about people’s browsing activity on and off Facebook to deliver ads with personalised product recommendations. This new targeting specification provides extreme value for travel advertisers as it allows new customers to interact with the brand and drive them down the booking funnel. We also have the ability to target leisure or business travellers along with extra demographic parameters.

This makes running ads on Facebook and Instagram very targeted which in turn is much more cost-effective when spending precious marketing dollars and ensures a better ROI than traditional marketing.

If we can generate more interest through ‘broad reach’ we then increase our brand familiarity with ‘retargeting’ audiences.

We continue to monitor the opportunities available through social media for our hotel clients and track results as technology continues to weave itself into our lives in more ways.

If you are interested in leveraging the 2 billion Facebook users and the 700 million on Instagram, contact us and we can make this easy and simple for you.

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