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OTA's vs. Hotel Website

Hoteliers must do something to make their online presence known. If you don’t have a website or it is out of date, then you’re already behind and should start developing one immediately along with a multi-platform campaign. If you do have a site then there are some methods to better connect with and attract guests.

Overall Website

Your site as a whole should embody the mission and culture of your hotel. Each page should feature content that clearly portrays the purpose of the page. There should be a clear sense of style whether you are going for a sophisticated look or a laid-back vacation vibe. The site should be easy to navigate with a clear menu and visible links.

To encourage direct bookings, your front desk phone number or a reservation widget should be visible on every page. Most importantly, your site should be optimized for multiple platforms. Since most travelers use at least three screens a day and they are constantly on the move, it is even more crucial that your site is responsive so you do not lose out on any potential bookings.

The Home Page is Super Important

As soon as your site loads, it should enchant the guest. Feature an image or video that says everything you want the guest to know about the hotel. Ensure that the communication is on brand and in the tone you know they will relate to.

Guests should be able to easily navigate your hotel’s site. The home page should also be goal-oriented. Best rate guaranteed when booking direct to be displayed and allow guests to be able to easily book direct with your hotel by prominently displaying the booking button front and center of the homepage and within all pages of your site. If you want your promotions to stand out, then be sure to feature these as well. On page subscribe or pop up will help increase your email list.

The Importance of Content

One of the most important parts of your website is engaging content. One of the most important forms of content is photography. Your photos should be professional. Amateur looking photos will cause guests to think your hotel is illegitimate or cheap. Photos should tell a story and present an understandable message.

Fun videos of your hotel are also strong content that can show a more interactive view of your property. Since word of mouth is strong on the internet, consider posting reviews of your hotel by guests. If potential guests see others raving about your property, it can draw more attention to your hotel. Hotels can also use blogs to tell stories about the hotel, give exciting updates, and inform guests about events and attractions in the area.

Your website is the digital front door to your hotel. If you can’t wow a guest online then they will assume that your hotel has nothing exciting to offer. Don’t be afraid to be persuasive by promoting specials and packages. Your content should be professional, informative, and entertaining. Do whatever it takes to get people excited and motivate them to book with you. Make the online experience simple and easy and win more loyal customers.

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Original article by – Nigel J. Rodgers

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