Our Latest SEO Observations for Hotels & Tourism

So you're a multi-millionaire from winning the European lottery and are a benefactor from rich foreign relatives. You also have several Russians brides, are swimming in Viagra pills and now apparently everyone needs SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Our Latest SEO Observations for Hotels & Tourism

Yes we get these SEO emails every day as well. They haven’t even looked at your website and are sending out generic emails hoping for a reply. With so many of our clients contacting us regarding these emails, we thought it was a good idea to share some insights on how SEO works and what you can do improve your rankings.

We have gained much experience from working in the Hotel and Tourism industries

From building hundreds of websites, we’ve monitored what works and are always up to date with the latest SEO trends. We design our websites and provide the necessary tools so you can implement most of the SEO improvements yourself. Hotel and Tourism SEO can be simplified into four main categories.

1. Foundation (on-page SEO)

Such as page titles, headings, meta data etc (already hard-coded into all of our sites)

2. Content (add regular and unique content through the CMS)

  • Landing Pages (niche areas i.e. weddings)
  • Blog (unique and regular articles of interest)
  • What’s on (events)
  • Local Attractions (tourism attractions, destinations)
  • Images & Video
  • Guest Reviews
  • Specials
  • FAQ’s

3. Visitors (increase flow to site)

Permission Marketing is the single most powerful marketing medium currently available. Email Campaigns - Often many of our clients have the biggest spike in monthly website visits and bookings when they send out email newsletters. Other examples are Google Adwords, email signatures and viral campaigns.

4. Networking (off page SEO)

Incoming links are important and can come from online distribution such as blogs, business / local listings and directories and social media.

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