Our new website has been a labour of love…

Last year we re purposed our website largely to help solve a very large and looming problem in the marketplace.

Our new website has been a labour of love…

On talking with many of our clients, I realised just how many of them where facing massive increases in OTA commissions being paid and we dedicated our home page to solving this by helping our clients target more direct bookings. The OTA Commissions are still a cause of concern for our clients and those that have implemented ‘Book Direct Marketing Strategies’ are curbing the tide and building a stronger and loyal direct customer base.

This year I really wanted to lift our game by simplifying what we offer online. Every business website is the backbone of their marketing, a window to all on the problems they help solve in the world at large. Having started my journey over 26years ago in computer engineering and graphic design, I am still just as passionate about making the online experience an enjoyable one for all. With millions of viewers and millions of dollars passing through the sites we create, we take our responsibility very seriously and feel obligated to continue to innovate and produce beautiful hand crafted websites.

Our new home page reflects two of our strengths (hotel web design & hotel marketing), and introduces a third passion - guest well-being. Having so many people in my life affected by some form of health concern, some chronic and some fatal has opened my eyes to the real value of true health. The one common thread is the fact that when one has problems with your health, this becomes our primary focus above all else. If we lose our health, we have nothing, we are no longer here. Just as we build better websites, one website at a time, so too can we build a healthier world for ourselves and our kids. It all starts with awareness and there is a lot to be aware of nowadays. We live in an information age where there is information overload and the difficulty of discerning what is true and what is just biased towards another money making shallow product.

We see a unique opportunity for hoteliers to offer a whole new level of guest wellbeing. Learn and share practical ways for people to have more energy. Educate and give people a richer and fuller experience of life. Attract more people to their hotels. Have people talk about the benefits and the hotel they experienced this in. Help push care and well-being levels up and build new levels of loyalty with guests. Feel proud and grateful to do our bit for humanity in any small way that we can. We have just released a new eBook through the website on 5 ways to genuinely improve the well-being of your guests. Create a bigger social conversation and genuine loyalty by taking guest well-being to the next level.

In case anyone is wondering, we spent close to 300 hours building our site which makes it worth about $50k of value and has had a team of 6 working on it over a 3 month period fitted in around other work and priorities. It currently has a mobile speed optimisation of 96/100 and 90/100 on desktop, so nice and fast for all users on all devices. There is still much to do and in Seth Godin’s words ‘shipped is better than perfect’. As designers it is easy to get caught up in making things perfect, but in the end getting our ideas and our clients ideas out into the world is more important.

We will continue to organically fine tune and add to our website and welcome any feedback.

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