PhoneMail the New Email?

If 2 years ago 1/3 of all email was being opened on a mobile phone, what are the current figures?

PhoneMail the New Email?

Our friends at Ryan Solutions are always hard at work looking at the data.

They looked at nearly 500,000 hotel and resort email opens that occurred during the month of August this year.

They compare their results from 2 years ago.

Results are broken down by three device types: desktop (e.g., Outlook), webmail (e.g., Gmail), and mobile (e.g., iPhone). Here’s how many of those opens occurred on each platform type.

  • Mobile - 52%
  • Desktop - 24%
  • Webmail - 24%

Mobile was the clear winner accounting for 52% of all opens (up from 37% in 2014), desktop and webmail came in tied for second with each making up 24% of all opens (down from 25% for desktop and down from 37% for webmail).

I guess the big out take here is to make sure that when you do send out your monthly newsletter, that you check and make sure that it looks great on your mobile device as well as the desktop version as half your audience will be viewing it this way.

Our own stats from our financial year 2015 to 2016 show the average mobile open rate at 48%.

Find out how you can achieve a 77% open rate on your emails in the report.

There are also 6 pointers to make sure that you are getting the most out of your website, plus all the website benchmark figures and stats.

You can view our full benchmark report NOW online by visiting our website.

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