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Powerful email marketing tips to email like a boss

It is estimated that somewhere in the ballpark of 120 billion business emails are sent and received every single day.

Because of this, hotel email marketing needs to stand out by making use of personalisation, leveraging e-triggers (automated customer journeys), and by crafting beautifully designed email campaigns.

The 6 key areas to get the most bang for your buck out of your emails:

  1. General email marketing tips
  2. Email personalisation tips
  3. Email copy tips
  4. Email design tips
  5. Email automation tips
  6. Email testing tips

1. General email marketing tips

  • Create more opportunities for your audience to subscribe.
  • Incentivise your opt-in.
  • Use a real reply-to address.
  • Study key metrics, open and click through rates
  • Incorporate third-party advertising.

2. Email personalization tips

  • Collect the right data.
  • Segment your lists.
  • Personalise custom fields.
  • Ditch one-size-fits-all emails – send individual emails, leisure, corporate, f&b, etc.
  • Use location-based personalisation.
  • Pair emails with personalised landing pages – 72hr campaign etc.

3. Email copy tips

  • Use short subject lines.
  • Write compelling pre-header text.
  • Ditch words and phrases that trigger spam filters.
  • Create an information gap – curiosity roused within subject lines can help boost open rates.
  • Don’t go text-heavy.
  • Use power words.
  • Tell interesting and real stories.
  • Structure email copy for scanning.
  • Solve problems.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Leverage testimonials.
  • Focus on the benefits to the guest, what is the experience they long for?
  • Incorporate statistics.

4. Email design tips

  • Think mobile-first.
  • Balance image size and text.
  • Make buttons BIG.
  • Consider text size in images – may not be readable on mobile?
  • Use emojis in your subject line.
  • Incorporate video to communicate complex messages fast.
  • Check your email with images turned off.
  • Make sure your email design reflects company branding.
  • Make your call to action stand out, use white space, contrasting colour.
  • Include context – share the experience/emotional connection you offer.
  • Consider using live images – animated GIF’s work really well and add vibrancy to static email.
  • Create full-width emails.

5. Email automation tips

  • Use automated e-trigger campaigns to build customer journeys.
  • Save time with triggered campaigns.
  • Re-engage quiet subscribers.
  • Reward VIPs and boost customer loyalty.
  • Use drip campaigns to nurture leads – 96% of website visitors aren’t ready to buy, but if you can collect an email address while a person is on your site, you can follow up with automated lead nurturing campaigns and convince them to buy over time.
  • Leverage automation to teach.
  • Automate your feedback-gathering.
  • Use automation for reminders.

6. Email testing tips

  • A/B test the content of your subject lines.
  • Try different word orders in subject lines.
  • Test the length of your subject lines.
  • See how images vs. copy impacts conversions.
  • Test different templates.
  • Try different tones (positive vs. negative language etc) – positive language can boost conversion rate by 22%.
  • Find out if buttons or text links convert better – generally, CTA buttons work better.
  • Experiment with button copy.
  • Test delivery times.
  • A/B test subject line personalisation – name in the subject line.
  • Learn from results.

Yes, there is a lot to know and do and if you fell overwhelmed, please relax, stay calm and let us help you – that is what we are here for, to make your life easier, more enjoyable, save you time and make you money.

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