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Six Enchanting Ways You Can Use Social Media That Your Audience Will Love

  1. Livestreaming
  2. User generated content
  3. Animated GIF’s
  4. Snapchat stories (Facebook & Instagram)
  5. Interactive quizzes
  6. ‘Share worthy’ blog content (and how to create it)

1. Livestreaming

User livestreaming to add value to your audience’s life

Why read when we can watch the video. A hugely growing trend in media consumption (sorry myself included).

81% of internet and mobile audiences watched more live video in 2016 than in 2015.

Live video is more appealing to brand audiences: 80% would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.

Consider livestreaming content to:

  • Address issues that are important to your audience and or blog comments
  • Provide a behind the scenes look of your business
  • Promote an upcoming event, or local attraction
  • Provide a sneak peak of new facilities, refurbishments

2. User Generated Content (UGC)

Share user generated content to connect with your audience

This a great way to increase engagement and organic reach. 92% of consumers worldwide say they trust word-of-mouth more than advertising. The advantage of UGC is that you can depend on others to create the content. But you will still need to collect, curate and publish the content.

A super simple way to do this on your hotel website is to show your instagram feed directly on page. You still get to control which photos make it live, but you co-create with your guests in showing other guests new and ever changing photos taken by other guests. They then tell their friends they are live on your website. This can either be a band feed or why not do a whole gallery page, everyones loves looking at great photos.

Tip: Run social media contests to capture content in a short time frame.

3. Animated GIF’s

Show off your personality with animated GIF’S

GIF’s create that sense of movement and are a lot more eye catching than just a static image, while being very small in file size so that they load fast.

According to Twitter more than 100 million animated GIF’s were shared in 2015. Giphy also serves more than 1 billion animated GIF’s on a daily basis.

You can use these on social media or even in your email newsletters.

Use GIF’s to:

  • Show your brand personality
  • Show off a part of the resort or location, using a small 5 second snippet of video footage
  • To thank someone
  • To tell a story
  • To animate a special offer
  • To offer a sneak peak
  • Animated call to action (CTA) buttons (email)
  • Animated book direct / best rate guaranteed banners (social & email)

4. Snapchat stories (Facebook & Instagram)

Get Authentic and spontaneous with snapchat stories

Since Facebook wasn’t successful in purchasing Snapchat, they now offer very similar features in Facebook and Instagram.

Snapchat’s growth has seen over 150 million people using Snapchat over 4 years. Your brand might want to consider using this platform in light of the following:

  • More than a third of Snapchat’s daily users use the stories feature to broadcast what they are getting up to.
  • Snapchat claims it’s users watch 10 billion videos per day, which is largely thanks to Snapchat stories.

Here are a few ways to use Snapchat stories to promote your brand:

Share Special Offers And Promotions:

Offer special promotions within the snap. You could post a discount code for flash sales or ask people to screenshot a picture to go into a draw. This makes the message more personal than email and can cause users to linger on the offer. Users will also be more inclined to browse through your site and offers.

Share Behind The Scenes Action:

Give your fans and followers a chance to see you and your team as normal everyday people that they can relate to.

Use your Snapchat story to show your followers the journey and effort that goes into what you offer.

5. Interactive quizzes

User interactive content like quizzes

The use of interactive content is on the rise. In fact 53% of marketers surveyed say they use interactive content. The main aim of using interactive content is education and engagement.

Why use interactive content?

Because content marketing has become less about the words on a page. Instead it is more about the experience you create for your audience.

6. ‘Share worthy’ blog content

‘Share worthy’ blog content (and how to create it)

Blog content is easy to share but there are a few types of content that get more engagement from audiences than others. Check out the following:

  • Newsworthy content – relates to your local area and provides up-to-date interest.
  • Comparison content – compare your local restaurants, best coffee hangouts, smoothie bars, etc.
  • How-to articles – step-by-step instructions possibly on itineraries, one day, two day adventures in walking distance from your resort, etc.
  • Videos – client testimonials, interview the local Italian restaurant owner on why he makes his pasta fresh every day or what is the secret ingredient in his Tiramisu. When you post your content to YouTube and share through your website or social media, you also have the added benefit of getting found on the second-largest search engine – YouTube. Tip: When publishing videos on your site, provide some context with a short blog post or include a transcript.
  • ‘Why’ type posts – provide readers with a reason or purpose. Why is May one of the best times to visit your resort? Why there is no other experience equivalent to what you are offering (this also helps you find what is truly unique about your property).
  • Lists – my personal favourite, I love lists. Bucket lists, must do lists, things to remember lists, new ideas lists, inspired lists. List posts follow a simple format: Introduce the problem, List your solutions, Offer a conclusion.
  • Content that evokes strong positive emotion – We know that if your social media content doesn’t evoke emotions then it won’t get shared as much. The most shared type of content on Lifehack are inspirational quotes.

Content with images – Research conducted on Buffer’s tweets found that ones with images received:

  • 18% more clicks than those without.
  • 89% more favorites than those without.
  • 150% more retweets than those without.
  • A study by Adobe also found that Facebook posts with images produce 650% higher engagement than regular text posts.

Quite simply our brains love images.

So when you use them on social media it attracts your eyes. You examine it for longer and are likely to engage with it and share it.

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