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Speed is the new SEO

How soon will this impact the hotel industry?

Gary Illyes from Google said at the Search Marketing Summit in Sydney (June 1st 2016) that Google will be updating the page speed ranking factor to specifically look at the page speed of your mobile pages when it comes to the mobile-friendly algorithm. This was rumoured to be only months away then and will soon be upon us.

There is much talk in search engine land and Google now provide even more developer tools for better testing and speed enhancements.

At the end of the day, we are all Google consumers, and we all love to find what we are looking for FAST! It is us the consumer that wants everything quickly so why should it be any different for your customers who want to research their holiday and book quickly. With mobile audiences up around 48% according to our top 100 Benchmark report or larger volume sites, speedy mobile story delivery is now super important.

A fully responsive website then also requires an added level of optimisation to ensure great speeds. Our sites over the last year average 90/100 for desktop (exceptionally good) and 82/100 for mobile (very good). This is still something we are working on to improve and our latest sites have some of the highest scores of 96/100 for desktop and 90/100 for mobile.

I am proud of the web team here at Pebble as I don’t see many sites faster than ours in hospitality. Most hotel sites score in the 60’s according to Ryan Solutions who surveyed 4800 hotels. Google want a score of at least 85/100 to be in their good books.

So, speed is super important and does already play an important role in SEO.

If you want to get the most out of your website or would like us to do a ‘health’ check on your site – please get in touch.

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