The 4 Essential Marketing Tactics for Hoteliers in 2018

Everyday we are ‘selling’ something to someone. Whether it is our kids on the need to brush their teeth everyday, on a co-worker our ideas or our boss on giving us that promotion or bonus.

The 4 Essential Marketing Tactics for Hoteliers in 2018

Attracting guests to stay at your hotel is the same. Marketing is making it easy for them to buy something that we both know is more beneficial to them than the money it costs. These 4 strategies make it so much simpler.

People buy what they want, when they want it, doesn't matter the money it costs. With the right marketing mix you can be sure to connect with them when they want it and they can see what you offer is what they want.

We have built hundreds and hundreds of websites over the years and it never ceases to amaze me how some business owners stop at that point. Why buy a beautiful new car and then not put any fuel in it to be able to use it? Websites need fuel on a regular basis to get the performance out of the website you originally made the investment in. Putting diesel in your petrol car is going create exactly the results that you would expect.

Yes, in today’s busy, information overloaded, high distraction, fast paced, technology rich world, knowing what to do in what areas is a challenge.

To make things simple, we help our clients get the 4 essential marketing strategies working for them. There is a fifth marketing strategy also emerging quickly across more and more boutique properties too…

and #5. Guest Wellbeing Marketing (a $3.7 trillion industry already taking shape)

This fifth one is interesting to the point I see many influential and connected entrepreneurs pushing the envelope into this space and it is fast being implemented into the hotel space as the market dictates what business needs to provide them. Having recently had some health diagnosis of my own, it is interesting how important your health is to you when it is compromised either acutely or dramatically. The same is true for guests, they need better care and experiences when staying in hotels and psychologically we are open to these new experiences when experiencing new environments.

Marketing is the fuel to create and connect your unique story to the guests you ideally want staying with you in your hotel.

We go beyond slow performing template websites and the usual sales fluff around SEO and social media. As trusted hotel website designers and digital marketers, we help hoteliers generate non-stop direct bookings and revenue from website traffic with ongoing loyal return customers.

We maximise technology to your advantage. Create a personal connection with your email marketing. Save you time with effective social media marketing strategies. Increase direct booking revenue. Immerse your guests emotionally in your imagery. Show your guests how important they are with next level guest well-being.

The more care you put into your marketing, the more care people will pick up on. The easier your guest will be able to connect with you, the easier your whole team of staff will clearly know why they do what they do everyday, the happier you will be knowing and having defined your purpose for doing what you do, why you do it and who you do it for.

Some people call it having passion, or a purpose, your mission, a goal. Regardless, what you call it, having a clear awareness of the direction you are going in and knowing each day that you are taking the necessary steps in the direction of this will make you more fulfilled and happy with each day. On a scientific level our mood is enhanced continually by the dopamine our bodies release each time that feeling of satisfaction we feel upon completing a task or reaching a milestone.

(yes, this dopamine hit also comes from other vices like alcohol, nicotine or social media, but knowing you are one step closer to your goal is so much more rewarding in the long term both health wise and financially!)

If you are ready to get your dopamine pumping, give us a call and we will get your marketing cranking…

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