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The Art of Adding Value

I love the concept of ‘being of service’ or ‘adding value’, ‘sharing your passion’ with the world.
This is so true in the hospitality industry where it is all about – being of service.

Here are 10 ways to come up with creative ideas around generating great content for your blog and or email newsletters.

10 Topics to talk about besides “Special Offer Blah Blah Blah”

  1. Teach your customers how to buy direct and get the best perks and benefits.
  2. Share information that can help your customers have an amazing and memorable stay – (tips on better sleep etc.)
  3. Show your customers where to go to find the best nearby services and attractions, what’s new, what’s amazing and not to be missed.
  4. Help customers discover the unique aspects of your property they weren’t necessarily looking for on your website.
  5. Go behind the scenes by introducing customers to key employees. Show off your offices where all the action happens. Talk about your company philosophy,
    team culture and reasons for doing what you do.
  6. Add customer voices to your emails by featuring reviews, endorsements, photos and other user-generated content.
  7. Become the authority in your market niche by sharing “insider” news and information. The more connected you are with everything going on around you, the more you can share. After all we are creatures of continual learning, discovery and curiosity.
  8. Pave the way for a good experience with pre-event emails, including opportunities to upsell or add value to the event.
  9. Improve onboarding for your new customers with information that helps them find what they want faster or navigate better around your website.
    Create a online compendium to enrich the guest experience once they are in the hotel.
  10. Tell stories about interesting vendors, unusual products, important points in your company’s history or how your company gets involved with its community.

The Bottom Line: Keeping Customers Engaged Is Good for Business

This is what it comes down to, ultimately: If you can use email to get your customers more engaged along their journey, they will buy more and be more loyal.

Hotel email open rates have the highest open rates and close to the highest click through rates when it comes to email marketing across multiple industries measured worldwide. (Silverpop Email Marketing Metric 2015)

If you need a hand with content writing – we have friendly copy writers waiting by to tell your story and make your job easier. In turn, consistent fresh content will reach out to more guests as well as improve visitors to your website and SEO ranking in the long term. Win win win all round.

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