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The best ‘book direct’ incentives

Hotel owners are seeing direct strong returns on these initiatives and it is also apparent that this is a long tail marketing initiative that requires consistent communication as the OTA’s continue to entice the mass audience.

In a world where consumers are more connected and more aware, they buy from hotels they feel a personal connection and can align with the integrity of the marketing message being shared.

It still amazes me how few hotels actually offer a genuinely unique direct incentive. Why don’t all people know that you will get the best offer directly with the hotel?

Now more than ever it is super important to create and show a clear perceived and increased value in booking directly with the hotel to build your customer fan club.

9 direct marketing incentives:

  • clearly display best rate guarantee on your website, emails, email signature
  • offer unique incentives, free car parking, free unlimited wifi, free arrival drink etc.
  • use a price check tool to show a loyalty discount price, that checks OTA prices and offers a marginal discount (shameless plug for Pebble Price Check tool)
  • custom room allocation/needs matching and personal service
  • fear focus, highlight common problems experienced not booking directly
  • talk to a real person, not a bot or worse have no customer support like OTA’s
  • share local knowledge and trips special to the hotel location
  • early check-ins or late check-outs
  • no hidden costs, no added booking fees and flexible cancellation policies

I have been collecting hundreds of pop ups from the many hotel websites I visit and can share a wealth of ideas to best help you define your Direct Marketing strategy and I am always happy to have a chat.

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