The Fourth Screen

Providing the Right Digital Experience for On-Property Hotel and Resort Guests.

Hoteliers must embrace the mobile-connected traveller by offering relevant and practical content whilst on location and within a local radius. Commonly referred to as the fourth-screen.

This can be done as an extension of your website in the form of an online compendium that serves as a customer service channel and a revenue generating opportunity accessible to on-property guests only.

The Fourth Screen

Connecting with Hotel Guests on the Move

By using technology to determine that a guest is on property, and not researching before the reservation, a hotel can serve a completely different and more relevant experience to the user. A more customized experience will put a hotel ahead of its competition.

What is the Fourth-Screen and How Does it Help to Connect with the Guest?

The fourth-screen is a responsive version of the existing hotel website customized with content relevant mainly for the on-property guest. It is most commonly seen by people on their mobile devices within a certain radius of the hotel, or by those connecting to the hotel’s wifi.

On-property Guest Portal content should include information such as FAQs, check-in and check-out information, fast facts, area map, calendar of events and revenue generating opportunities like upgrades, latest special offers and dining options at the hotel. Some hotels are even experimenting with tying the fourth-screen to the guest room’s smart TV (shall we say fifth screen?) to have one single voice online and on television.

This is an opportunity missed in most hotels today.

In most cases, when a hotel guest enters their room and logs on to the hotel’s wifi, they are served either a blank page, a page advertising the wifi provider, or directed to a generic landing page like Google. At worst, the lazy hotel approach serves the hotel website which has the main goal of getting the website visitor to make a hotel room reservation - not ideal for the guest already on property.

Expand your current website to include this

If sections of the existing website were restructured and organized with consideration to the intent of the on-property guest, then the experience is more relevant and much improved. By repurposing the existing website to manage the content for the fourth-screen, the hotel avoids needing to make costly investments in new technologies. This type of experience can be maintained through a hotel website’s Content Management System, allowing the property to easily make updates to their fourth-screen.

Original article posted on - Jason Price is Executive Vice President and Mariana Safer is Senior Vice President, Marketing at HeBS Digital. They also provide excellent background research if you want to read more.

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